Ma famille (MS PowerPoint 257 KB)

Bonjour !
Je m’appelle
Lisa Simpson.
Ideas for using this PowerPoint:
1. For practising the members of the family, it uses people that pupils will know
about. Practise the vocabulary as mon/ma + family word, and then you will be able
to build sentences up like “mon père s’appelle Homer”. Later pupils will be able to
tell you a sentence about their own family.
2. Giving each pupil the 4 Simpsons pictures (no writing), say the French words and
they have to hold up the right picture. E.g. you say “mon père” and they hold up a
picture of Homer. They can do this in pairs, race against the clock, one pupil at each
table say the words for the others at the table….
3. Give pupils have a blank sheet of paper / mini-whiteboard to quickly draw
members of their family and then say a short presentation to introduce the members
of their family. They can start off saying it to their partner and then to the whole class
if they’re brave enough.
Voici ma famille.
mon père
ma mère
mon frère
ma soeur