Extra Credit: The wave

Extra Credit: Research Something Out of the Ordinary
Choose an interesting topic about something out of the ordinary. Some sample topics might be:
The Bermuda Triangle
Big Foot
Secret Societies
Psychic Abilities
Hitler’s interest in the Occult (linking into our novel Night)
People who were “raised by wolves” (linking into our novel Lord of the Flies)
Choose a format to present your research:
You will be graded on:
Validity of your sources
Works Cited/Bibliography
Presentation of information (whichever form you choose)
Extra Credit: The wave
Read the book The Wave by Todd Strasser
Write an essay describing and explaining three understandings that you
gained from reading The Wave and Night.
You will be graded on both HOCs and LOCs.
You must include examples from both novels
The examples must be properly cited with in-text citations.
Extra Credit: V for Vendetta
Watch the movie V for Vendetta (get parent permission, it is rated R for
violence) & write:
Choice #1: A two page personal response to the movie
Choice #2: An essay discussing the similarities between Night and V for
**Make sure that you use proper essay format and include literal support, inferences, &
Extra Credit: Grammar Rocks!
Rewrite the lyrics to a Grammar Rocks song. The grammar concept must be
thoroughly explained.
Keep the concepts, but make the song modern.
Typed lyrics receive minimal points.
Additional points can be earned by combining lyrics with music and recording on a
tape or CD.
Please see http://www.postdiluvian.org/~gilly/Schoolhouse_Rock/HTML/grammar/grammar.html