Online Guide to Grammar and Writing
The "Guide to Grammar and Writing", developed by English Professor Charles Darling,
and hosted by Capital Community College, in Hartford, Connecticut, is a must-bookmark
online resource that will help you write anything from a research journal article to an
inflammatory email expressing perturbation and exasperation. (See? Those are two words
you definitely want to get right in any document bearing your signature.) Say you're in
the middle of a tense written negotiation over the functionality of a recent software
release, and you are trying to keep your adversary off-balance by switching tenses, while
simultaneously blinding them (him?) with squinting modifiers. You don't want them (him
or her?) to lay (lie?) you low by pointing out that your last attack belied gender problems,
with resulting copulas. Or, God forbid, irregular plurals! Don't give him/her/it that
So, before you sling your next mud shot, take a moment to cover your bare infinitives.
Go to Then, while you are waiting for your
nemesis to recover from your grammatically impeccable assault, you can keep your wits
sharp by completing all 174 interactive grammar quizzes that await you on the web page.