Directions: Use your Chapter 22 Presentation Notes PowerPoint to

Chapter 22: Presentation Notes Worksheet
Name: ________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Directions: Use your Chapter 22 Presentation Notes PowerPoint to answer the following questions.
1. To build a successful business and maximize profits, they must understand __________________ and
make decisions to deal with it.
2. Every business faces ______________________________—the possibility of loss or injury.
3. Most business decisions, such as marketing a new product, involve ____________________________.
4. A natural disaster, such as a flood, or an accident involving a customer or an employee is a
______________________________ for a business owner.
5. The three categories of pure risk are:
 ______________________________________________
 ______________________________________________
 ______________________________________________
6. Small businesses are _________________________ likely than large businesses to be victims of crime.
7. The problem of _____________________________ is growing, but there are ways for business owners
to minimize their risks.
8. It is the business owner’s responsibility to protect employees and customers from crimes such as
_____________________________________________ by letting the robber take what he or she wants.
9. Since credit cards can be a source of financial loss to a business, an _____________________________
machine can be a valuable tool.
10. Many owners suffer _________________________, not only from crime, but from natural disasters,
such as fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods.
11. You can protect your business against _________________________ by installing smoke detectors and
sprinkler systems and protect your ___________________________ by storing them in a fireproof safe.
12. Accidents, another risk businesses face, can be financially devastating if a small business is held
responsible for ______________________________________.
13. A third strategy—risk transfer—means buying insurance and paying a __________________________
to cover any losses, which transfers some of your risk to an insurance company.
14. _________________________________________________ allows a business owner to continue
paying important expenses if the business is shut down due to property damage.
15. If a customer is injured on your business premises, __________________________________________
will offer you protection.
16. Companies that advertise can protect themselves by purchasing _______________________________.
17. Manufacturers can protect themselves by purchasing ________________________________________.
18. _______________________________ and _______________________ are types of casualty insurance.
19. Business owners are required to provide __________________________________ for their employees.
20. A business owner can purchase insurance from _________________________________________ or a
21. Your risk management objective should be to have procedures in place before a _____________ occurs.
22. __________________________________________: software programs that statistically analyze data
to identify patterns, trends, and relationships within data.
23. __________________________________________: A Web page that accepts user input
24. __________________________________________: a form of market research that appears on Web
sites in which users respond to questions or provide opinions.
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