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Mobile Stage- Manish Khanduri, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, IMImobile
Senior development and strategy executive in broadcast, mobile and online media and telecom. With
international leadership experience. Experienced in driving product launch, new market entry,
marketing, building partnerships, driving acquisitions and large business project implementations. Track
record of leading mission critical and high performance teams in fast paced environments in three
countries for multi-million dollar projects. Cross country professional experience in developing and
implementing corporate strategy (US and Hong Kong), driving new product development (US, India) and
business development (US, Hong Kong). Worked as a senior business journalist in India (Business world
Magazine, Business Standard Newspaper). Directed North American Strategy and Development for CNN
in Atlanta, USA. Presently leading national marketing for IMImobile. MBA from Kellogg School of
Management, Northwestern University, USA.
Specialties: b2b, mobile, benchmarking, broadcast, business development, business plans, c, cash flow,
com, content management, customer relations, delivery, e - commerce, editing, features, financial,
financial reporting, focus, functional, investments, leadership, macromedia director, marketing,
microsoft money, microsoft office, modeling, networking, newspaper, positioning, pricing, profit, sales,
stories, strategic, video.
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