Principal`s English Week Speech

Principal’s English Week Speech
Good morning teachers and students. This week is English week, and it is an excellent
time to think about how we can improve our English. Before we answer this question, we
need to understand what we mean by “improve.” Of course, every day in school you have
chances to improve your English: through reading, writing, speaking and listening. But I
want to talk to you about taking your English learning outside of the school.
In Hong Kong, there are chances all around you to improve your English. There are many
people living here whose first language is English. When you hear people speaking
English, you should use your skills learned here at school to try to understand them. You
may even be brave enough to try speaking to them.
Hong Kong also has many English language media: books, newspapers, movies and
television. You should take advantage of these chances to read and listen to English.
Personally, I read a Chinese newspaper that has an English translation of some articles.
When I am reading, I try to compare the English and Chinese to learn new English words
and phrases. This method has helped me to understand English better.
Remember that Hong Kong is unique among all of China’s cities. Nowhere else in this
country is English so prevalent. It is your responsibility as a student to make sure that
your English language learning goes beyond your school books and homework. It should
be a lifelong process. The opportunities are there for you, so make sure you take them.
Thank you.