Collaborative Tools

Team Rad
 What are collaborative tools?
 Why are they important?
 An example : Wikis
 Creating a wiki page
 Editing a wiki page
 References
 Tools designed to help people involved in a common task
achieve their goals.
 Sometimes referred to as groupware.
 Examples include but not limited to:
 Wikis, chat, discussion boards, blogs, video/data
conferencing, application/document sharing, electronic
meeting, online spreadsheets, e-calendars,... etc.
 works best when collaborators are geographically
 saves a great deal of time
 Applications include but are not limited to:
 Distant education
 Project development
 Online business etc.
 Revolutionary collaboration tools
 To post and share documents, spreadsheets, and
 Document owner may control who can view and edit
each document.
 Documents are accessible from anywhere; and changes
made by anyone, are immediately available to everyone.
 The most famous example: Wikipedia
Wikis in Education
 Increase student engagement and participation
 Facilitate communication between teachers and
parents and guardians
 Encourage collaborative learning and information
Some classroom applications
 Post homework, course materials, study guides, etc.
 Organize articles, websites, videos, and other resources
for students
 Post questions for student brainstorming, or have
students post papers for peer feedback
 Students and/or teachers post and respond to questions
on a given topic
 Give parents a chance to be a part of the classroom and
stay up to date on classroom news and events
 Create a student-published online newspaper
Creating your own wiki
Step 1: Name and describe your site
Step 2: Who can edit your site
Step 3: Customize your site
Step 4: Create an account
Step 5: Invite others
Your wiki is ready 
Editing your wiki
Edit your page
Add new page
Upload Photos
Invite Others
Start a discussion
Step 1: Go to your wiki page
Step 2: Easy Edit toolbar
Step 3: Add a new page
Step 4: Upload photos to your wiki
Step 5: Invite others
Step 6: Discussion forum
 The class is divided into groups of 3-5 people per group.
 Each group is assigned one page to create and another
page to edit.
 Everyone is encouraged to help on any page.
Further Reference