Lesson Plan 4 McREL Technology Solutions

McREL Technology Solutions (MTS) Lesson Plan Template
Name: Becky Mohr
Subject area: Reading
Grade level: 6th grade
Lesson title: Creating wiki for discussion purposes/comparing and contrasting
Brief lesson description
First requirement: You are to locate three different articles from different sources to read. You
are to post these articles on the wiki. Some questions you might want to ask yourself when you
find these articles:
How do I know these are reliable sources?
What do I want to know when I read these sources?
How can I determine if these articles are mainly factual?
How should I take notes on these sources?
How do these sources differ and how are they the same? (compare and contrast)
Second requirement: You are to post on the wiki regarding your articles. These are some
things you should consider:
Write about what you find in two or more articles
Ask "fat" questions you have about your topic after reading the articles
compare and contrast these two or more articles
Your job is to make others understand why you are interested in the topic and why they
should be interested in this topic also.
District/State content standard/benchmark addressed
6.R.5.1 – Student can compare and contrast information on one topic from multiple
informational texts.
6.R.5.2 – Students can evaluate the credibility of informational texts.
6.R.5.3 – Students can utilize sources to locate information.
Instructional Strategy (Marzano’s)
Activating Prior Knowledge, Cooperative Learning, Asking Questions; Compare and
Contrast; Summarizing and Notetaking; Generating and Testing Hypotheses, Setting
Objectives and Providing Feedback
Technology resources needed (hardware and software)
Each teacher read aloud the book.
We would have the students post responses to questions on the blog.
I developed a matrix project that incorporated Bloom’s Taxonomy and Howard
Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences.
Assessment Method
 Teacher observation
 Written responses
 Rubric over matrix