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Pick up a syllabus.
Pick up a notecard.
Find your seat.
On your notecard, write the following.
Favorite song
Contact information of the person who I should call to compliment you
 Syllabus
 Quilt Project
 Conversations in American Literature - Robin Dissin Aufses,
Renee H. Shea, Lawrence Scanlon
 By signing this syllabus, you are agreeing to be responsible for
your textbook. If you lose or destroy your textbook, you will be
responsible for paying for a replacement.
 You also signed a form when you registered!
 Sit in your assigned seat at all times
 Be in your seat and working on the do now when the bell rings.
 Be on task. Anything that is out on your desk distracting you
becomes mine until the end of the day.
 Show respect to yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.
 No checking or bad words.
 Follow all directions the first time they are given.
 Stay in your seat and do not throw anything. If you need to get
up, please ask.
 No one will leave class during the first 15 minutes or the last
15 minutes.
 You get two restroom passes a quarter. If you do not have a pass, you
will not leave the room.
 At the end of the quarter, you can turn in your unused passes for 10
extra credit points.
 No eating or drinking in class.
 Reminder of school rules:
 Be in uniform.
 Zipped jackets only.
 Must be unzipped in the hallway.
 Dress code violations result in a Saturday or a suspension this year.
 Do not use your cellphone, iPod, headphones, etc. in class.
 If I see your cell phone + take it up, it goes to the front office. You
parents can pick it up on Friday at 3pm.
 1 tardy = warning
 2 tardies= lunch detention (15 min)
 Each additional tardy = 5 minutes
 Must have an admit slip from Ms. Irby if you are late
 Quizzes:
Every Friday
Vocab for the week
15 minutes
Worth 50 points
 If you miss a quiz, you need to make it up with in a week.
Quizzes that are not made up within a week will receive a score
of 0.
 Tests:
 End of the unit
 Worth 100 points
 If you miss a test, you need to make it up with in a week. Tests
that are not made up within a week will receive a score of 0.
 Essays:
 At least 1 essay/unit
 Worth 150 points
 Essay grades are lowered 10 points for ever yday they are
turned in late. If an essay is more than a week late, it will
receive a grade of a zero.
 Timed Writings:
 Graded on curve based on point in semester
 Grade on AP rubric
 Worth 100 points
 Projects:
 Worth 100 points
 Homework:
 Regular homework
 This is an AP class, and we have a lot to get done. You will have to work at
home if you want to be successful.
 Worth 50 points
 Late= 35/50
 More than 1 week late= 25/50
 100/week
 20/day
 5 for do now
 If you are late, you do not get these points
 15 for classwork
 If you don’t do your work or have a behavior problem, you lose these
 Binders: You will need to keep a binder for this class. We will
go over how to organize your binders when you bring your
materials on the 12 th .
 Binders will periodically be collected unannounced and graded,
so be sure to keep up with your binder at all times.
 Independent Reading:
1 book/quarter
Book approved by Ms. G
Complete a project + summary sheet
Worth 100 points
Must come from the list provided to you
 Makeup Work:
 Go to absent folder and get work with your name on it
 If you have missed notes, copy them from a classmate .
 If you have missed reading, talk to Ms. G so that she can send a book
home with you so that you can complete the missing assignment .
 All work can also be found on the class website
 If you have more than 3 0s, you will receive a ZAP.
 You may ask for makeup work throughout the quar ter; however,
the late work policy will apply. I will not provide or accept
makeup work during the last week the quar ter; you need to be
on top of your grades and make it up before then.
 Academic Honesty: Any form of cheating will result in a grade of 0
on the assignment. This zero will not be able to be replaced. You
all are transitioning out of high school and, many of you will be
transitioning into college. Most colleges have ver y strict academic
honesty policies, and cheating can result in automatic failure of
the class, costing you time and money.
 For the purposes of this class, the following will count as
 Copying answers from a classmate on a test, quiz, or homework.
 Having your cell phone, notes, vocab sheet, etc. visible during a test or a
 Copying and pasting from the internet and claiming it as your own work.
 Using direct quotes with out citations or quotation marks.
 Turning in identical work to one of your classmates.
 Any method in which you are getting answers that involves something
other than your own brain!
 Materials List: By August 12 th , students need to have the
following materials to bring to class:
 Writing utensil
 1.5 inch binder (preferably with pockets)
 5 divider tabs
 Notebook paper
 1 package of index cards (3 x 5 inch, lined)
 One composition book
 If you are going to have dif ficulty getting these materials by the
12 th , please let Ms. G know as soon as possible so that we can
work out an alternate arrangement.
 /
 Return the signed por tion of the syllabus by 8/12/14 for your
first homework grade.
 Look at your instruction sheet.
 We will work on the squares tomorrow, so if you have pictures
that you want to use, bring them in tomorrow.