4th Period Literature Lesson Plans - September 15

AP English Lit. and Comp.
World Lit. et al – Fall 2014
AED Williams
First Term
September 15 – 19: Week Six
September 22 – 26: Week Seven
Monday 4A / Tuesday 4B – Pass back papers
Discuss poetry response
Discuss the next gray sheet – chapters 5 and 6
Discuss scenes and quotes from chapter 3
Discuss final scene in chapter 3
Literary Terms Quiz #4
Discuss Chapter 4 – The Little Lord Jesus
Imagery and symbols continued – juxtaposition of the powerless as powerful
Wednesday 4A / Thursday 4B – Turn in Chapter 4 gray sheet if you haven’t already
AP Prep – Analysis of two prose passages
The Spectator vs. The Crossing
Score sample essays
Discussion of Chapter 4 continued
Vocabulary #5 due
Vocabulary Quiz #5
Work on Chapter 5 gray sheet
Score sample poetry essays “Barred Owl” and “The History Teacher”
Friday 4A / Monday 4B – AP Prep
Poetry #2 – “Advice to a Prophet” by Richard Wilbur
Turn in reading journal for chapter 5 – The Ghost of the Future
Discussion and notes on The Ghost of the Future
Poetry Response #2
Tuesday 4A / Wednesday 4B – Literary Terms Quiz #5
Begin Robert Frost poetry “Birches,” “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” “The Gift Outright”
Work on Liberace, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Frost Power Points
Thursday 4A / Friday 4B – Vocabulary #6 due
Vocabulary Quiz #6
Power Point Presentations
AP Prep – Prose Multiple Choice Practice #2
Turn in reading journal for chapter 6
Take another look at prose passages for comparison – The Spectator vs. The Crossing