Presentation of the textbook Презентация учебника Spotlight 10


Teacher of English language

Pechckurova Helen

Form 10 “A”

Secondary School No 17, t. Podolsk, Moscow region

It will be a lesson - competition and a lesson - presentation.

And it’s devoted to our new textbook

“English Spotlight” which we’ve been learning for this studying year.

Each team has its own:

1. Emblem.

2. Motto.

3.Presentation of its module.

1. Module 6 (captain Gory Dasha)

2. Module 7 (captain Amachanova


3. Module 4 (captain Shevchenko Alina)

4. Module 1 (captain Novickova Kate)

5. Module 5 (captain Baranichenko


6. Module 2 (captain Plechanova


7. Module 3 (captain Al-Mochamad


8. Module 8 (captain Kasimow Paul)

1.Opening teacher’s speech.

2. Captains of each team introduce their teams.

3. Work with teacher’s presentation.

4. Each team defends their own presentation.

5. Jury’ word.

6. Conclusion (closing teacher


 speech).


10 «А» класс

Учитель английского языка ПЕЧКУРОВА Е.А.

2009/20010 учебный год.

Each module has the same sections: c) d) a) b) e)

Reading Skills.

Listening & Speaking Skills

Grammar in Use


Writing Skills h) i) f) g) j)

Culture Corner

Going Green

Extracurricular Course

Focus on Exam

Spotlight on Russia



. How many modules are there in this textbook?

A) 10 b) 8 c) 5

2. What is the name of module 6?

A) Strong ties b) Technology c) Food & Health


What is the section “e” devoted to?

A). Reading Skills b) Literature c) Writing Skills


How many pages are there in this textbook?

A) 248 b)148 c) 348


What section can you find the biography of the author in?

A) Reading Skills b) Literature c) Writing Skills

Tina Appieby (USA), age 33, accountant, likes: cinema& photography:

I’m a businesswoman so I suppose it goes without saying that I really couldn’t live without my laptop and PDA. I’m not a naturally organised person so my PDA in particular really helps me out. I use it as a diary, I change documents on it when I’m on the move and yes, I even play games on it when I’m on the underground on my way to work! It keeps my whole life together to the extent that I would feel quite lost without it! And my laptop allows me to store all the information my clients need.


1.What is she?

2.What helps her in her life?

3.How does she use PDA in her life?

4.What does on the move mean: a) other then b) travelling c) to the point ?

5. What does to the extent mean: a) other then b) travelling c) to the point?


Fill in :

nerves, back, eye, shoulder, neck, head.

1) They never agree with each other. They don’t see eye to…. .

2) What’s wrong with Sam? He’s like a bear with a sore….. .

3) They gave me the cold ….. . When I entered the room.

4) He drives me crazy. He’s pain in the …. .

5) Get off my ….. . I’m in bad mood today.

6)I’m fed up with him. He really gets on my ….. .

Phrasal verbs:

What does each phrasal verb mean?

1/ give back

2/ give off

3/ give away

4/ give up a/stop doing something b/give without wanting anything in return c/ return something you borrowed d/ release a smell, light

Who are they?

Choose the author (1, 2,3) for his biography (A, B,C) a)

He was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, but his family moved to London when he was ten. He later went to work in a factory to pay for his accommodation and support his family as his father was in prison for not paying his debts. He first made a name for himself as a writer in his twenties with

THE Pickwick Papers (1836).


He was born in Nantes, France. An author and pioneer of science – fiction. He is famous for his adventure stories about space, air and underwater travel.


He was born in Taganrog in Russia. When he was 19, to medical school in Moscow and later became a doctor. By 1886, he had become famous as a writer of plays and short stories. His works include the play

The Seagull (1896

) and his famous short story

The Steppe (1888).

1) Anton Chekhov

2) Charles Dickens

3) Jules Verne

A short written message

Match the abbreviations (1-5) to their meaning (a-E). Complete the note below with an appropriate abbreviation:

1/ PTO A/ et cetera

2/ P.S. B/ for example

3/ asap C/ post script

4/ e.g. D/ as soon as possible

5/ etc E/ please turn over

Hi Jack!

Gone shopping for shoes, make up (1)…! Remember Kate’s party tonight.

Will get her gift from us (2)… CD, jewellery

Will be back (3)… .

See you soon,


(4)… Will bring you something nice!


Complete the gaps (1 - 5 ) with the correct form of the words in brackets:


John Logie Baird

(1) …(work) hard to transmit the first real television images, a dream of many (2)…

(science) for decades before. His first “TV set” (3)…

(can) be made from every day objects such as a biscuit tin, cardboard, and string! Later, others (4)…

(take) Baird’s ideas and (5)… (slow) developed TV as we know today.

Going Green

Read the text and complete the gaps (1 – 4) with the correct word formed from the words in brackets.

64% 0f the electricity we need comes from



fossil fuels such as oil, gas, coal. These resources pollute and are not 2)…..

we have burned 3) …..

(renew) , so once all up, there will be (they) more. This means that the world MUST find and use alternative sources of energy FAST! This alternative energy needs to use no fuel and create no waste or

4) …..


Choose the correct date to the following events in space:

Russian SPACE exploration

1/ Svetlana Savitskaya was the first woman to walk in space.

2/Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space.

3/ Sputnik 1 was the first satellite in space.

4/ Yuri Gagarin was the first person in space.

5/ Aleksey Leonov was the first person to walk in space.

a/1957 b/1984 c/ 1961 d/ 1965 e/1963

Good luck!

Best wishes, your English teacher