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Chapter Synopsis
Summary Chapter 3 and 4
Chapter 3:
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Mr. Perry talks to his son Neil because he has chosen too many extracurricular
activities and in fact of that, his father says that he shall concentrate on his
marks and has to leave the school annual. Neil is very angry about this fact und
doesn’t want to leave it, but he has to follow the rules of his father and has to
give up his job as assistant editor.
Coming back in his room again, the other boys tell him to get on his own way
but Neil just tell them to shut up and they should take care about their own
problems and have to get on their own ways, too.
Chapter 4:
It is the first day at school and the boys get have lessons, first chemistry, then
Latin. After that the students have mathematics and last finally English with
their new English teacher. Contrary to the other teachers who just do their strict
ex-cathedra teaching, Mr Keating teaches with new, unconventional and
extraordinary teaching methods. He tells the students to “Seize the day” and he
jumps on his desk and shouts "Oh Captain! My Captain!" from a poem written
by Walt Whitman about Abraham Lincoln. and if they have enough courage,
they shall He encourages them to call him "Oh Captain! My Captain! “. Later,
the students have to come together to the Honor Room for looking to look at the
picture of former students of Welton Academy while Mr. Keating stands behind
them and whispers “Carpe Diem”.
(by Imke)