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Government System of Norway
When Norway ended it’s union with Demark in 1814
and it’s union with Sweden, in 1905 Norway became
a constitutional monarchy.
The King:
The king is formally the head of the state. He main
duties are representative and ceremonial. The main
power lies within the government. The current king
is HM King Harald V.
The current prime minister
The Prime Minister:
The prime minister is the head of the government.
He is selected by monarch with the majority
approval of the parliament and is formally appointed
by the king. The prime minister has the ability to
appoint his cabinet that includes 18 ministers. The
current prime minister is Jens Stoltenberg.
Parliament (Storting):
The parliament is elected every 4 years in
September. There are three major factions within
this 165 Storting. A Storting is broken up into two
houses. There is an upper house (Lagting), and a
lower house (Odelsting).
Different Parties:
The first is the Labor Party, which is the largest local
party with democratic and internationalist
characters. The second is the three centrist parties,
which is the Christian Democrats, the Center Party,
and the Liberals. The last is the Conservative Party
and the Progress Party.
The current King of Norway