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SOCIAL STUDIES- Unit 3 Government
Study Guide
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1. Describe a unitary government: strong central authority
2. Describe a confederation: Strong regional authorities
3. Describe a federal government: Share Power
4. Name a country in Europe that has a federal government. Germany / Russia
5. A government ruled by a king or queen is called a(n)_________. Monarchy
6. This form of government has leaders that are elected by the people, and citizens of age are eligible to
vote. Democracy
7. An autocracy puts the power of the government in the hands of A single person
8. An oligarchy puts power of the government in the hands of small group of people can govern
9. In which type of government do citizens have no voting rights? Autocracy/ oligarchy
10. How can autocratic rulers comes to power? Inherit (bloodline)
11. A system of government in which the president/executive branch is independent of the legislature is
called______________. Presidential democracy
12. In what way are the prime minister and the president alike? They are in charge of the military and control the
13. In what type of democracy do members of the largest political party in the legislature choose the leader?
Parliamentary democracy
14. Who has the most government power in the parliamentary system?
the citizen
15. Legislature is to Parliament as president is to Prime Minister
16. Which representative body of the UK’s Parliament has the most power? House of Commons
17. To be prime minister of the UK, a person must first be elected to what governing body? House of
18. Which part of the government is responsible for making the laws for the United Kingdom?
19. How are the members in the Bundestag selected?
elected by the voters
20. In the Russian Federation, which office do the people elect?
21. Who is the Russian head of state?
22. How is the Russian prime minister selected?
appointment of the president with approval of the Duma
23. Describe the rights of the citizens in Germany, Russia, and the UK.
They are similar
24. Which two countries have a Head of State with ceremonial duties?
Germany and the UK
25. Who is the head of government in the UK?
Prime Minister
26. In this country’s government, the citizens do NOT get to vote on who the Prime Minister will be. A
monarch is the head of state with very little power.
United Kingdom
27. In this country’s government, citizens vote to elect their President, who is Head of State. This country is
also has a Prime Minister who is selected by the President.
28. In this country’s government, the Chancellor is the Head of Government and the President is the Head of
29. In the German Welfare State, who receives guaranteed benefits? Unemployed citizens
30. The United Kingdom is to the House of commons as Germany is to the Bundestag