Sentence Completion PP

*Critical Reading (Reading Comprehension)
Section of SAT
Ms. Amorin
How is sentence completion
A sentence with either one word OR two words missing
from the sentence
Desiring to ____ his chatty children, Mitch gave them taffy in hopes it
would keep their mouths shut.
A. eliminate B. satisfy C. overcome
D. ridicule E. silence
While the ____ student openly questioned the teacher’s explanation,
she was not so _____ as to suggest that the teacher was wrong.
A. complacent…suspicious B. inquisitive…imprudent
C. curious… dispassionate D. provocative…respectful
E. ineffectual… brazen
How is the sentence completion
section divided up on the SAT?
Questions are arranged in groups of
five, six, and eight sentences
Questions usually go in order of difficulty:
First third are the easiest and last third are the
most difficult
Strategies to assist with sentence
Strategy #1
Read the sentence carefully without
looking at the answer choices.
Get an idea as to what the TOPIC* is
Strategy #2
Re-read the sentence and come up with
a word that makes sense (your “own
word”) to insert in the blank
Look at the answer choices to see if any of
the choices are similar to “your own word”
Strategy #3
Review answer choices
Read the sentence and insert each
‘word’ in the blank
Read ALL answer choices
Strategy #4Trigger words
Be aware of negatives in sentence
Ex.) not, no, non-, un-, dis-, none, in-
Negatives cont…..
The damage to the car was insignificant.
(“Don’t worry about it; it’s just a scratch”)
The damage to the car was not
(“Oh no, Bart! We totaled mom’s
Note: The use of a negative word or prefix can
change the meaning of the sentence
Example sentence completion with
Madison was not ______ person and
thus made few public addresses: but
those she made were memorable and
filled with noble phrases.
A. a reticent B. a stately C. an inspiring
D. a meticulous E. a communicative
Strategy #5 - Trigger words
Pay attention to comparison words
and, also, besides, for example, likewise,
furthermore, in addition, moreover, in other
words, etc…
Example sentence with
comparison words
During the Middle Ages, plague and other
_______ decimated the populations of
entire towns.
A. pestilences B. immunizations
C. tendencies D. indispositions E. demises
Strategy #6 Trigger words
Note contrast/ opposite words-
but, however, yet, although, except, not, nor,
in contrast, nevertheless, on the other hand,
rather than, even though, despite, etc…
Such words can change the meaning of the
Example sentence completion with
contrast words
In sharp contrast to the previous night’s
revelry, the wedding was _____ affair.
A. a fervent
B. a dignified
C. A chaotic D. an ingenious
E. a jubilant
Strategy #7- Trigger words
Pay attention to cause/ effect words
because, consequently, therefore, thus, as a
Example sentence completion with
cause/ effect words
Margot studied veraciously for the SAT
and as a result, her score was shown to
have been _______.
A. improved B. dissatisfying C. strenuous
D. obscure E. ephemeral
Strategy #8
Use context clues to assist with understanding
the sentence and answer choices.
What is the subject of the sentence?
What is the “blank” talking about>
Ex.) Shaquille O’Neal is such a physically
intimidating basketball player that his opponents
focus on his ____ and thus underestimate his
surprising quickness.
Keep strategies in mind!
Even though it is a dead language,
rather than fading away, Latin is now
being _______.
A. forgotten
B. excavated
C. mortified
D. revitalized
E. revealed
Sentence Completion PRACTICE
NOTE: Use context clues!
What is the sentence referring to and who is it directed to?
The opportunist woman told the man, “You’re
A. rich B. correct C. preposterous
D. cloistered E. sick
The doctor told that man, “You’re very ______.”
A. rich
B. correct C. preposterous
D. cloistered E. sick
pg. 42- SAT PR text
Sentence Completion PRACTICE
Lavender has a ______ effect; its aroma
alleviates tension and anxiety.
A. fragrant
B. joyous
C. iridescent
D. soothing
E. painful
pg. 43- SAT PR text
Sentence Completion PRACTICE
Some developing nations have become
remarkably _____, using aid from other
countries to build successful industries.
A. populous
 B. dry
 C. warlike
 D. prosperous
 E. isolated
pg. 44- SAT PR text
Sentence Completion PRACTICE
Because theaters refused to show it when
it first released, Citizen Kane was _____
failure, though now it is considered one of
the greatest American films ever made.
A. a revolutionary
 B. a personal
 C. a commercial
 D. an aesthetic
 E. a perennial
Pg. 48_ PR SAT text
Sentence Completion PRACTICE
Most of Rick’s friends think his life is
unbelievably _____, but in fact he spends
most of his time on ______ activities.
A. fruitful…. productive
 B. wasteful… useless
 C. scintillating… mundane
 D. varied … sportive
 E. callow… simple
pg. 51- PR SAT Text
Remember the strategies!
Good Luck! 
Fortune Favors the Bold.
CHS motto