By Mia Krugman Tessler
Peacock Body
Head, Train (Tail), Eyes,
Legs, Feet, Beak, Neck. They
are mostly green and blue.
Their life span is 20 years.
Their train or tail is used for
Peacock Food
Cat Food, Cheese, Cooked
Rice, Bread, Celery, Flower
pedals, turkey pellets, Black
Sunflower Seeds
(Unshelled), Vegetables,
Fruit. Fun Fact: Peacocks will
probably eat everything you
give them if they are the
right foods. Flower pedals,
Grains, Ants, Millipedes,
Peacock Habitat
A lot of space, must have tall
trees, keep clean, Forest,
Rain forest, (for domestic
peacocks):must be kept In a
cage when the babies are
first brought home. They live
near Asia, they live near the
southern hemisphere. They
live in India, Pakistan,
Western china, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, Africa, and
Their main predators are:
Tigers, Leopards, and
Mongoose. When they sense
danger they fly and hide in
trees. They spend nights in
trees for the same reason.
Peacock Eggs
They hatch after 28 days.
They are borne with perfect
wings. They lay 4-6 eggs
Peacock Young
Baby peacocks are called
peachicks. In a couple of
days they can fly. A one day
old peachick can walk, Eat,
and drink without
assistance. They are brown
on their little heads.
Other Facts
About Peacocks
Their real name is peafowl
not peacock. Their scientific
name is Pavo Cristatus. They
are birds that can fly. A lot of
them live in India. You can
have them as a pet. Their
family name is phasianidae.
Their life span is 12-20
years. Male peafowls tails
are longer than peahens.
They can grow to be 5 feet