What characteristics do viruses not have that makes them non living?
Why is it important to study biology?
What are the characteristics of tobacco mosaic virus?
What is a virus?
What is the viral disease that causes painful swelling of a salivary gland?
A typical virus consists of
Be able to recognize the viral structure
What is the membranous envelope surround the virus made of
What is the capsid of a virus
What cell structure do all viruses have
How does the animal virus enter its host cell
What is the lysogenic cycle
What is the lytic cycle
What is a pathogen
How is HIV transmitted
Why is it important to distinguish between gram positive and gram negative bacteria
Describe the chromosomes of bacteria
Be able to identify the types of bacteria, coccus, bacilli, spirillium
What are bacterial endospores
How are bacteria classified
How do bacterial cells transfer pieces of genetic material
How does botulism survive in canned food for a long time
What did Fleming discover
What are antibiotics
How is Cholera transmitted
How is bubonic plague transmitted
Mining companies harvest copper or uranium by using what kind of bacteria
What are the characteristics of protists
What is the haploid gamete producing phase in the life cycle of protists
What are pseudopodia used for
How do amoebas capture food
Characteristics of algae
Characteristic of euglena
Process in which two paramecia come together after meiosis to exchange genetic material
How do protists affect humans
How is African sleeping sickness spread
What are some human diseases caused by protists
Where does the protozoan that causes malaria reproduce
What species causes malaria
Stage in the life cycle of the plasmodium which lives in mosquitos and is injected into humans
How do fungi obtain energy
What organisms contain chitin
What are some characteristics of fungi
What are the hypha long string of cells divided by
The individual filaments that make up the body of fungus
Where does the fungi digest food
How are fungi important to an ecosystem
Most fungal spores are formed by
What is an economically important use of fungi
Mushrooms and toadstools are members of what phylum
What area the characteristics of ascomycetes
Bread molds belong to what phylum
What do zygospores allow molds to do
Reproductive structures in which spores form are known
What is a lichen
What is mycorrhizae
The mycorrhizae that do not penetrate the host plant but wrap around the