DNA Model Project


DNA Model Project

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Due Date _______________

DNA is considered the molecule of life. All living organisms contain this special molecule as part of their genetic code. Watson and Crick are credited with discovering the structure of DNA. They used models to do this work in which they eventually won the Nobel Prize.

This project is worth 75 points and will not be accepted late ! It will be done at home.

No time in class will be scheduled for this assignment. DNA models must be original work. Extra points may be earned for superior work! The project will be done individually!


--Minimum of 20 nucleotides (10 base pairs)

--Key/Legend describing

Sugar (Deoxyribose)

Phosphate Group

Nitrogen Bases

--Model must be free standing (for display purposes)


Nucleotides arranged properly (5)

Minimum of 10 base pairs (20)

Sugar (5)

Phosphate Group (5)

Bases Correctly paired (5)

Legend/Key—easily understandable (5)

Overall appearance/double helix shape (15)

Creativity and Originality (15)


Wood, Cardboard, Styrofoam balls, Modeling clay, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, beads. Be Creative (don’t be limited by these ideas).