Reading Guide 11

AP European History
Unit 5: French Revolution and Napoleon
Reading Guide 11: p. 620-635
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Reading Instructions: Reading Guides are separated into 3 parts. Part 1 is identification. Define and explain the
significance of the terms listed. Part 2 is Main Idea Notes. Each main idea of the chapter is listed, while reading
you need to take notes on that main idea, covering the information thoroughly. These notes can be in any form
you like. Part 3 are short answer questions. You will need to write a short 3-5 sentence summary of the section you
just read. This should be done on your own notebook paper. It is important that you read the entire section, not
just the parts needed to fill out the reading guide. There is an incentive for completing your reading guides on time
when it comes to taking quizzes. Please do not copy reading guides from another student. That harms both of you.
Part 1: Define the Following Terms. Definitions need to be in complete sentences and detailed.
1. Napoleon Bonaparte
2. The Directory
3. First Consul
4. Civil Code 5. Grand Army
6. Continental System
7. Waterloo
8. Alexander I of Russia
Part 2: Main Idea Notes
1. The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte p. 620-622
2. The End of the Republic and Beginning of Imperial Rule p. 622-625
3. The Civil Code p. 625-627
4. The Grand Army and its Victories p. 628-630
5. Napoleon’s Empire p. 630-631
6. Resistance to French Rule p. 631-632
7. Biggest Mistake: Invading Russia p. 632-635
Part 3: Short Answer Questions…3-5 Sentences each. Make sure to use specifics from the reading to support
your answers.
1. Identify and Explain ONE way in which Napoleon continued the ideals of the French Revolution.
2. Identify and Describe ONE way in which Napoleon broke with the ideals of the Revolution.