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September 2014
Ms. Petersen
Algebra 1A
Please review and keep the attached course requirements and have your child bring up
any questions you may have in class or contact me directly.
I can be reached by phone or email.
: [email protected]
ext. 30090
Algebra 1A is the first year of a two year program that prepares students for the NYS
Algebra Regents exam. This course is designed for students who work at a slower pace.
Assessment: Algebra 1A students will take a district-wide exam at the end of the 2nd
quarter and a district-wide final exam in June. They will take the NYS Algebra Regents
exam after completing Algebra 1B.
Required Supplies: To be brought to class DAILY
1) 3-ring binder with sections for handouts and homework
2) A Spiral Notebook for notes
3) A pocket folder with holes to clip into your binder.
4) Pens, pencils, erasers, and completed assignments.
(NOTE: only blue/black pen or pencils are acceptable for written
assignments handed in for grading.)
Daily Schedule: Our normal routine will consist of a 5-8 minute warm-up. It will be on
the board by the time the bell rings. This is followed by a discussion of the previous
day’s homework. (Homework is then collected.) New material will be presented. Guided
practice of the new material is then done. On most days there will be some kind of
summarizing activity at the end of class.
You are expected to be on time for class, in your seat, and ready to begin work when the
bell rings. If you enter class after the bell rings, you are tardy. You must have a pass in
order for a tardiness not to be counted against you; not all excuses are considered
legitimate reasons for being late. After three tardies, you may be assigned detention.
You are expected to follow all school rules. This means being in class on time in your seat
prepared to work, when the bell rings. CELL PHONES MAY NOT BE USED at any time in
the classroom – NO EXCEPTIONS. Students who exhibit disruptive behavior will be
referred to their administrator.
Quizzes will be given at least once a week and there may be unannounced pop quizzes.
Tests will always be announced in advance. If a student is absent on a test day then the
student is expected to take the exam on the day they return to school.
Homework is an important opportunity to review and practice the skills learned in class.
It is not assigned as busy work. It will be similar to examples completed in class. Refer
to examples from class to help guide you through your homework. Homework is due at
the beginning of the period on the day it is due. Homework will generally be assigned
three to four times each week. Show all your work – every step!! Don’t just copy down
answers – you won’t receive credit for it. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure
homework is handed in if absent.
Class Work:
This grade is based on positive participation in classroom activities (individual and/or
group) and interaction with the teacher and with other students in the class. It is also a
reflection of the student’s behavior in the class, timely arrival to class, and completion
of assigned work both in and out of class it is expected that the student will complete all
worksheets on their own time.
Computing Grade Point Averages:
Your grade will be based on the percentage of the total possible points you have
earned. There are three different categories that are used when figuring your overall
Grade Breakdown:
Daily work
Student Absences:
• Absent for a test or quiz: If you are absent the day of a test/quiz you MUST make
it up within three days of returning to school. This class is fast paced and it’s important
to stay current with the material. Waiting more than a few days to take a test is not a
good idea. (Missing tests can be completed at the test table.
• Absent for a regular class: If you are absent from a class you will need to complete
the warm-up, notebook, guided practice and new material activity when you return to
school. It’s best to try and complete as much class work (and homework) as possible
before coming to the next algebra class. That way you won’t fall behind the rest of the
• Absent for a homework assignment: If you are absent from class you will need to
complete the homework that was assigned. Homework assignments can be found on your
weekly calendar or on the class website.
Late Work:
Turning in work late is not a good idea. All late work in automatically assessed a 25% late
Test Corrections:
Since the ultimate goal of the course is have students understand and be fluent with the
material, tests corrections will be accepted for partial credit.
Extra Help:
If you feel you are falling behind or confused about any topic, you must seek extra help
immediately. Algebra is a building block course. This means that each unit builds on the
unit before so it is crucial to learn and understand the content as we go along otherwise
you will have problems as we continue on. It is always more difficult to work from a
deficit. I will be available for help throughout the school day and during my free periods
as well as after school. After school help needs to be scheduled in advance.
Maintaining a positive learning environment:
Be respectful, communicative, kind and non-judgmental. Specifically I expect the
Treat all people and property with respect.
Use appropriate and respectful language at all times.
No food, drinks or gum allowed. Water is okay.
All electronics must be packed away and not out during class.
Be prepared for class.
Be involved with the math discussions. (Don’t be passive in your learning. Participate
fully in the learning experience.)
September 4, 2014
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