Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorder-
An extreme, harmful eating behavior that
can cause serious illness or even death.
How can an eating disorder develop?
Sometimes a person’s concerns about weight
and efforts to lose weight can get out of
Becoming obsessed with thinness can lead
to eating disorders.
Eating disorders may be brought on
 mental/emotional factors (poor body
 social/family pressures
 perfectionism
Who may be at risk??
Teens with a family history of:
Weight problems
Substance Abuse
 Are most people with eating disorders male or female??
 About 90% of those with eating
disorders are female.
Anorexia Nervosa -
An eating disorder in which the irrational fear of
becoming obese results in severe weight loss
from self-imposed starvation.
 Anorexia Nervosa relates to an individual’s
self concept.
 Outside pressures, high expectations, and the
need to be accepted are associated with the
development of Anorexia Nervosa.
Symptoms of Anorexia:
 Extremely low caloric intake
 Obsession with exercising
 Emotional Problems
 Unnatural interest in food
 A distorted body image
 A denial of an eating problem
Health consequences of Anorexia:
~ The physical consequences are directly related to
malnutrition and starvation ~
Menstruation stops
Loss of bone density
Low body temperature
Low blood pressure
Slowed metabolism
Reduction of organ size
Heart problems may develop and lead to sudden death.
Bulimia Nervosa- A disorder in which some form of purging or
clearing of the digestive tract follows cycles of
 A person with Bulimia often fasts or follows
a strict diet and then binges (consumes large
amounts of food).
 After eating the person will vomit or take
laxatives to purge the food from the body.
What can cause Bulimia??
 Societal Pressures
Self-Esteem Issues
Family Problems
Health Consequences of Bulimia:
Frequent vomiting and diarrhea can lead to:
 Dehydration
 Kidney Damage
 Irregular heartbeat
Direct consequences from frequent vomiting:
 Destroys tooth enamel
 Tooth decay
 Tissue damage in stomach, mouth, and esophagus.
Direct consequences from frequent use of
 Disrupts digestion & absorption, which may cause nutrition