“The Wife’s Story”
Assignment is due: Monday 9-21-2015 and worth 50 points: 10 points each section
 Must be In MLA format
 Must have in text citations for your answers, (at least 4) and a bibliography
 Must have proper spelling, grammar and mechanics as known in the American
English language
 Must have substantive answers (content)
 Must have a Thesis statement, (where required by the question)
1. Who do you think is speaking at the beginning of the story? Why?
2. At the beginning of the story, the wife creates a picture of her husband as an ideal
mate. This picture helps set the stage for the surprising revelation at the end of the
story. What is the textual evidence regarding the qualities of the husband that the
wife admires during the first months of their courtship and marriage.
3. Le Guin uses a great deal of foreshadowing early in the story to indicate that
something tragic will occur. List pieces of foreshadowing from the first two pages
that help to create this foreboding.
4. Prior to the husband’s transformation what passages indicate that his character is
5. What is the metamorphosis in this story and how is the point of view unusual?
6. Who or what is the wife? How do you know?
7. How does this story connect with other stories you may know. Find one and cite
information in that story that correlates and/or connects.