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• What is an organic molecule? List three
• Draw five water molecules, label the polarity
and the bonds.
• Why is heat capacity important for life?
• Why is the fact that ice is less dense than
water important for life?
• How would you explain the high heat capacity
of water?
• Does a solution become more acidic or more
basic when its pH increases?
What is an indicator? Give an example.
What is a buffer? Why is it important for life?
List the characteristics of carbon.
List all learned polymers and their monomers.
List all learned monosaccharides and their
• List all learned polysaccharides and their
• List all learned lipids and their functions
• Describe the primary structure of proteins
Describe the secondary structure of proteins
Describe the tertiary structure of proteins
List five functions of proteins
List the components of nucleotides.
Compare and contrast DNA and RNA
Define what an enzyme is.
Describe what the function of enzymes is and
how they perform it.
• List two environmental conditions that can
influence enzymes. How do these influence
Identify the following molecules