ELON UNIVERSITY ESS 281 Practicum (2sh) Summer 2015 Faculty

ESS 281 Practicum (2sh)
Summer 2015
Faculty Supervisor
Dr. Joyce A. Davis
Professor of Exercise Science
Koury Athletic Center 237
Course Description
Practicum introduces the student to professions in exercise science and health-related fields. Students
choose three different agencies in which they will shadow a practitioner for approximately 27 hours. A
minimum of 80 hours is required. Students discuss their experiences through written reports in which they
reflect upon and critique the experience, practitioner and agency, and the practitioners evaluate the
students’ career potential, professionalism and motivation for learning. Students must make arrangements
with their professor the semester prior to the practicum. Prerequisites: ESS 101 and a declared ESS major.
Student Outcomes
Gain exposure to a variety of professional fields.
Establish goals for professional experiences.
Observe and begin to understand professional organizational culture and etiquette.
Begin to develop professional competencies and relationships.
Begin to apply academic knowledge in a professional setting.
Critically evaluate professional experiences and direction.
Information Packets
A student information packet is posted on Moodle and online at http://www.elon.edu/eweb/academics/exercise_science/ess281.xhtml (scroll down to bottom of the page). It includes general
information regarding the practicum experience, a rubric that will be used for grading reflection papers, and the
student contract form that must be submitted prior to beginning the practicum.
An information packet for agency supervisors is also posted. The agency information packet outlines the
practicum experience, the agency supervisor responsibilities, and contains both the agency contract and
supervisor evaluation forms. You will need to ensure that both the agency contract and supervisor evaluation
forms are sent to me directly from the agency.
Moodle, email, fax, and postal service mail
All course information is posted to Moodle. Communication will take place via Moodle and Elon email
accounts. Student assignments are to be submitted to Moodle however ALL AGENCY CONTRACTS
AGENCY electronically using fax or scan to email (preferred) or paper copy via postal service.
Student Evaluation
Agencies evaluations1
My evaluation:
Contracts2, goals and schedules3
To receive credit, evaluations must be sent directly to me via fax or postal service from the agency
supervisor and a completed agency contract must be in place.
The student contract must be submitted to Moodle prior to beginning any experience.
Agency contracts must be submitted via fax prior to beginning each site.
Each late submission will result in the loss of 2% points.
Goals and a tentative schedule for each experience must be submitted via Moodle prior to beginning each
experience. Each late submission will result in the loss of 2% points.
Reflections are due no later than 5 days after completion of an experience. Each late submission will
result in the loss of 5% points.
Grading Scale
A 94
C 74
A- 90
C- 70
B+ 87
D+ 67
B 84
D 64
B- 80
D- 60
C+ 77
F below 60%
Elon Honor Code
Elon’s honor pledge calls for a commitment to Elon’s shared values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect and
Responsibility. To be clear about what constitutes violations of these values, students should be familiar with
the Judicial Affairs policies in the student handbook, including violations outlined at
Students with questions about the specific interpretation of these values and violations as they relate to this
course should contact the instructor immediately. Violations in academic-related areas will be documented in
an incident report which will be maintained in the Office of Student Conduct, and may result in a lowering of
the course grade and/or failure of the course with an Honor Code F.
Violations specifically covered by academic honor code policies include: plagiarism, cheating, lying, stealing
and the facilitation of another’s dishonesty. Multiple violations will normally result in a student’s temporary
suspension from the University.
Elon Disabilities Services
If you are a student with a documented disability who will require accommodations in this course, please
register with Disabilities Services in the Duke Building, Room 108 (278-6500), for assistance in developing a
plan to address your academic needs. For more information about Disabilities Services, please visit the website
Student Options Related to Enrollment in this Course
Students should confirm enrollment in this course through their On-Track account. Students who do not appear
on the course roll or do not show the correct course/section listed on On-Track should consult with their
instructor or advisor immediately.
Policies on Dropping or Withdrawing from this Course
Students may drop a course during the designated drop/add period through their On-Track account. A course
that is dropped during the designated drop/add period will not appear on the student’s transcript or grade report.
Following the designated drop/add period; students may withdraw from a course by using the online process
located at http://www.elon.edu/e-web/administration/registrar/DropAddClassesOnline.xhtml without penalty
through the first half of the semester (dates are published in the academic calendar) resulting in a mark of “W”
on the student’s academic transcript. Students who do not properly withdraw from a course will receive a grade
of F. Students may not withdraw from a course after the published deadline. Any exception to this policy is the
responsibility of the appropriate academic dean’s office and will result in a grade of “W” or “F” depending on
the student’s grade at the time. For additional information on university course policies, students should consult
the Academic Catalog at http://www.elon.edu/e-web/academics/catalog/