SAT Vocabulary
Root Words
The SAT is despite changes in the last several years, still a vocabulary test. The
broader your vocabulary is, the better you will do on the test. So the questions is
how do you really improve you vocabulary?
What does not work- weekly vocabulary test
This has proven to be ineffectual because students just memorize the words for
the quiz and then forget them after the test.
What can work- reading a lot.
This is the best way to increase your vocabulary, but it takes time that you don’t
have before the SAT
What we are going to do- Roots, Prefixes, and suffixes
We will learn the most common roots, prefixes and suffixes in the English
language. This well give you’re the ability to take apart words you have never
seen before and discover the meaning.
Each day you will get two to three roots, which you will find as many or as few
examples for as you like. On the last day of the cycle you will have a quiz with
words what contain the roots you have studied. Each quiz will be worth 50 points
each. When we have covered the root words, we will begin with prefixes.
Knowing the roots, prefixes and suffixes will give you the ability to dissect words
you have never seen before on the SAT.