Public Relations/Marketing

A Regional Tribal College
What is Communication?
Information is sent from a sender or
encoder to a receiver or decoder
Could be the most important thing you do
to be successful
What is Public Relations?
One of the earliest definitions of PR was
coined by Edward Bernays. According to
him, "Public Relations is a management
function which tabulates public attitudes,
defines the policies, procedures and
interest of an organization followed by
executing a program of action to earn
public understanding and acceptance.”
What is Marketing?
Marketing, as suggested by the American
Marketing Association, is "an
organizational function and a set of
processes for creating, communicating
and delivering value to customers and for
managing customer relationships in ways
that benefit the organization and its
Starting from Scratch
Know your tribal college history
Know the direction of college
Know the priorities
What is the personality of your college?
Mission Statement
Mission Statement:
One sentence statement of the goals and
mission of your tribal college
“Through education, Northwest Indian College
promotes indigenous self-determination and
Create your PR/Marketing Plan
Basic parts of the PR/Marketing Plan
Brainstorm Your Messages
Brainstorm your target audience
Brainstrom how you can get your message
to your target audience
The Message
Definition of “The Message”:
Core ideas, statements and information you
want to convey: Tell YOUR Story
 No matter what, your goal is to get your
message out there
 Think of it as a short, to-the-point Instant
Message or Email to your audience
Free vs. Paid Messaging
Free Messaging
Public Relations
• Target Audience Networking or
working with “connectors”
• Reporters/gate keepers networking
• Events
• Creating/Updating your website
• Press Conference
Free vs. Paid Messaging
Paid Messaging
• Paid Advertising
• Creating an event to get your message out
The Art of Free Press
Public Relations is an art form
 Building Relationships with Gatekeepers
 Creating the “Bang”
Creating a good press release
 Pitching the story
Public Relations As An Art
News stories/Messaging
Either you love it, hate it or don’t care
 Need to take time to think about your
 Need to put resources behind it
 Think with the visual person or target
audience in mind
Building Relationships
Networking is the heartbeat of PR
 Create your contact sheet: key name(s),
phone numbers, email addresses
 Use the contact numbers you have
 Set your calendar by it
Create the “Bang”
Reporters/Gatekeepers have hundreds of
emails a day
 Separate your story from the rest
How is your group, unique from others
 Events
 Photo Opportunites
Press Releases
Appetizers for most media
 Basics of a Press Release: by-line, date,
the message, quotable, contact
 Outside-the-box ideas: connect with a
national story, always have a picture,
connect with your website
Pitch the Story
Set up time with your media contact
 Remember, not every story is a story
 Talk about the story, the uniqueness of
 30 minutes to sell your stories, make it
quick, but illustrative
 Isolate the story
The Media Never Sleeps
Always looking for “the story of the year”
 When things get “interesting.”
 Never Lie
 Always Communicate Something
 Use credible sources
 Stay on message
What is Branding?
A brand is a collection of images and
ideas representing an economic producer;
more specifically, it refers to the concrete
symbols such as a name, logo, slogan,
and design scheme.
Strategize for 2007
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail
 PR/Marketing ALWAYS gets lost in the
 Define your communication style:
Intentionally transparent, accidently
transparent or not transparent
 Have fun!
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