Ender's Game

Read both of the statements carefully.
Do you agree with one statement more than the other?
Do you agree with both? Why or why not? Do you think
the majority of teens would agree with you? Why or
why not?
“Children are a perpetual, self-renewing, underclass, helpless to
escape from the decisions of adults until they become adults
“I felt like a person all along—the same person I am today, I
never felt that my emotions and desires were somehow less real
than an adult’s emotions or desires”
By Orson Scott Card
It is similar to fantasy, but different because the
imaginary elements of the story are largely
possible within the laws of science and nature.
For example, what is the difference between Lord of the
Rings, Twilight, and Harry Potter vs. Star Wars,
Avatar, and Frankenstein?
It is often referred to as “the literature of ideas”
and many novels elicit intellectual discussions.
What topics might arise – Cloning? Laws about
number of children a family can have? Weapons
spending? Use of immunizations? Military spending
and strategies?
The setting is often in space and/or the future.
It often involves aliens, robots, time travel, new
scientific discoveries…
Yes, of course. Frankenstein, for example, is
classified as science fiction and horror.
Andromeda Strain is science fiction and drama.
Jurassic Park is science fiction and adventure.
Many, many books fall into multiple genres.
Science fiction can be traced back to mythology
based on our modern day definition, but the
term “science fiction” was first coined around
the 1930’s.
Early science fiction wrote about ridiculous
ideas like walking on the moon, orbiting the
earth, gene selection, …or were they so
The Timetraveler’s
Star Trek
Race to Witch Mountain
Land of the Lost
Iron Man
Star Wars
Again, what
do these
movies have
in common?
What makes
them sciencefiction?
Born in Washington, but
raised in California, Utah
and Arizona
Lives in North Carolina
Writes several genres, but
is most known for science
Began his career as a poet.
He is also a college
professor who teaches
writing classes.
He lost two of his 5
children – one at birth and
one at 17 to cerebral palsy.
He has at least 7
It began as a short story in 1977.
The novel was published in 1985 with
a revised version published in 1991.
It is set in Earth’s future when we are
preparing for a third, and possibly
devastating, invasion by an alien race
called “buggers”.
The world’s most intelligent children,
including Ender, are chosen to attend
battle school, in hopes of finding
someone who can lead the military and
save the world.
It has received several awards.
Card has also written 5 sequels:
Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide,
Children of the Mind, A War of Gifts,
and Ender in Exile
It has been turned into two comic
strips and there have been plans for a
video game and a movie was released
in 2013
On your character chart, describe
Ender based on chapter 1. USE TEXT
Thursday: CBA
Friday: cumulative vocab/reading check quiz (ch.
HW today: read chapter 3