Literacy Through Photography

Literacy Through
Goods and
Services in our
Goals and Objectives: 2nd grade
Lang. Arts
 Goal 3
 3.03 Explain and describe new concepts and information in own words
Technology Skills
 Goal 2
 2.09 Identify and use multimedia tools to combine text and graphics as a
class/group assignment.
Social Studies
 Goal 7
 7.01 Distinguish between producers and consumers and identify ways
people are both producers and consumers.
 7.02 Distinguish between goods produced and services provided in
Students will be able to . . .
Look at photographs selected and discuss
what the photographer is trying to say.
Take their own photos based off of our SS
Create writings to go along with pictures to
help explain how that business provides a
good or service to our community.
Introducing Photography: Visual
Based off of a previous project; I noticed that my student’s
needed extra support and instruction on the following 4
visual elements:
Pictures I used to discuss the visual
Background knowledge
Technology teacher has been working with
students on photography
SS teacher has already started a similar
project and has discussed the content
associated with this lesson. I am building
off what she started.
Small group project!!!!
Students had to chose a good or service in our
community to complete the assignment.
Students had to choose things that were close by
our school that we could walk to.
Students then had to do a little research about
their selection and create 2 different writings.
This took place during guided reading time for a
week with 7 students!!!!
Places that provide a good in our
Businesses that provide a service for
our community.
Writing 1: Acrostic Poem
Students completed a little research and talked
with others in the group to gain enough
We completed a group acrostic poem about
chocolate to help guide them in the write direction.
Students worked on a rough draft and then they
discussed their writing with me.
Once I met with them then they could begin their
final copy.
Writing Format: Acrostic Poem
Another Example: Acrostic Poem
Writing 2: Letter format
Students were asked to write me a letter
including the following . . .
What did you take a picture of in our community?
Who are the producers and consumers?
Is this a good or service; or both?
In what ways does this help our community?
Do you parents/you use this good or service?
How often?
Writing Format: Letter
Example 1
Letter: Example 2
What did I learn????
I really enjoyed watching my students take part in
this project. They were so engaged and ready for
guided reading each day.
I could see a difference in their writing as well. It
was like they really had a reason to write. They
were also more creative with their writings.
Students were more actively engaged due to the
use of technology.
Future plans . .
I would really like to integrate photography and
writing more into my writing lessons and try to
incorporate photography into my reading centers.
(Writing about a photo.)
Based off of this SS project; I would like to try this
whole class and let them go out with their parents
and see what they can come back with.
I would also like to use a brochure for a writing
format. I feel like that would fit well with
describing locations in a community.
Taking appropriate photo (10pts)
Researching and planning (15pts)
Acrostic Poem (20pts)
Letter Writing (20pts)
Capitalization, punctuation (20pts)
Complete sentences (15pts)