4th May 7th

4th Grade Ninety Minute Planning Summary
Week of: May 7-18
Grade: 4
This sheet should be emailed to Admin, literacy facilitator, and special area. Information should be a brief overview so that this document is not time consuming.
Enrichment Activity(ies)
Unit 5
“America Moves On”
Novel Studies
TD (2X a week)
Higher-level questions
Math Unit
“Proportions” unit
Math Olympiad (Mrs. Betler)
Math Super Stars
Small Group
Slower Pace
Fluency Activities/assessments
SRA individual assignments
Reading tutors
Mr. Scotland working with
Jehovani & Cameron
EOG Prep. Mon, Wed., & Fri.
EOG Prep. Tues. & Thurs 8:209:10
Math Intervention – Re-teaching
of targeted skills
Science Unit: “Magnets &
Exploring magnets
Read aloud text and tests
Science Lab this week:
Experiments with magnets
Social Studies
Unit 4 “NC’s People”
Acrostic poem to review
vocabulary and concepts
in Unit 4
Read aloud text and tests
Study Guides
(See Social Studies—students will
be writing acrostic poems)
Unit 4
Students will write an
acrostic poem that will
review the concepts in
Unit 4. Poem must have a
minimum of half of the
vocabulary words for the
unit. Correct grammar
skills will be assessed as
part of the grade.
Mini Lesson
Acrostic Poem Format
Technology Integration
Imagine It! Student Reader
SmartBoard Exchange
Study Island
Imagine It! assessments
Spelling test
Vocabulary quiz
SmartBoard Exchange
PowerPoint Presentations
Virtual Manipulatives
Study Island
Unit 8 Assessment
SmartBoard Exchange Lessons
Discovery Education
Vocabulary/class work quizzes
Maps 101
Ms. Tyree is working with
students to build background
for our field trip to Raleigh on
May 30.
Assignment (s)
Math Vocabulary Quiz (Harris)
Unit 4 Test
Rubric? Yes/No
Yes, a teacher-made rubric will
be used to assess writing and
guide student work.
Character Education
EOG/teacher survival
Test taking skills (from Maida)
Activity 1
Activity 2
Making Mondays Matter
Re-looping/Re-teaching: Who will be responsible for re-looping/re-teaching students who have not mastered the content for the week? Ms. Thompson is working with
identified students in reading and math to boost skills prior to the EOG.
May 14-16 EOGs
May 30 4th grade trip to Raleigh
May 31 Field Day
June 4 Breakfast, Art & Writing
June 7 Pizza & Ice Cream Sundae Party 11:45
June 8 Awards Ceremonies in Classrooms 10:00-11:45