MSc in Marine Mammal Science

School of Biology
University of St Andrews
Application for admission to
MSc in Marine Mammal Science
(2016 Entry)
This form relates only to the MSc in Marine Mammal Science and its completion replaces the
requirement for a cover letter and CV. However, prospective students still need to complete the
University's online form found in the University’s Postgraduate on-line application portal
Note that some of the answers are length-limited. If this is so, the maximum number of characters
(not words) will be shown in boldface immediately below the question.
Section 1: Personal data
1.1 Name
1.2 Sex (M/F)
1.3 Date of birth
1.3 Nationality
1.4 Current occupation
Section 2: About your education
2.1 Pre-university
List schools attended, dates, qualifications obtained, marks gained.
2.2 Undergraduate degree
List universities attended, dates, qualifications obtained, marks gained. In addition, please provide
us with any available supporting documents (e.g. course list, grade transcripts).
2.3 Postgraduate degree (if any)
List universities attended, dates, qualifications obtained, marks gained. In addition, please provide
us with any available supporting documents.
2.4 Have you written a research thesis as part of your past studies?
If so, at what level? Briefly describe the work and your results.
(max 500)
Section 3: About your skills and experience
3.1 Do you have previous field experience?
Briefly list any projects you have participated in, your supervising scientist and the main skills you
have acquired.
(max 500)
3.2 What are your numeracy skills?
Briefly list your qualifications and experience with mathematics and statistics.
(max 500)
3.3 What are your IT skills?
List the software packages that you are fluent in. Highlight skills in analysis and programming.
(max 500)
3.4 Briefly outline your past employment history (if any).
List employers, years and your role.
(max 500)
3.5 Have you ever participated in a peer-reviewed publication?
If so, list the papers and state your contribution to them.
3.6 Have you ever presented your work in public?
If so, list the talks and venues (e.g. talk title, conference theme, date and place)
Section 4: English language
4.1 Are you a native English speaker?
4.2 If not, what is your highest qualification in the English language (TOEFL, IELTS, Other) and what
score did you attain? Are you expecting any results? If so, when will they be available?
(max 100)
Section 5: About you and your aspirations
5.1 How would you describe your personality?
(max 500)
5.2 Why are you interested in science?
(max 500)
5.3 Why are you interested in marine mammals?
(max 500)
5.4 What area of marine mammal science are you most interested in and why?
(max 500)
5.5 Are you interested more in pure research or conservation? Discuss your reasons.
(max 500)
5.6 What would you like to do immediately after the MSc?
(max 200)
5.7 What would you like to be doing in 10 years' time?
(max 200)
5.8 What is the single most important thing you would like to achieve during your entire career?
(max 200)
Section 6: About you and the course
6.1 What attracted you to apply to this course?
(max 200)
6.2 What will you be contributing to this course?
(max 200)
6.3 What do you see as the three main strengths of SMRU?
(max 200)
6.4 Do you have any particular ideas for your summer research project or, any preferences for a
particular research area or supervisor?
(max 200)
Section 7: Practical issues
7.1 Are you aware of and fully prepared for the time commitment that this intensive, full time 12month programme requires?
(max 200)
7.2 Do you have funding already in place for fees and living expenses? If not, outline how you plan
to fund yourself through this year. Please note that we strongly discourage our students from
working during this intensive course.
(max 200)
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