Algebra 1 Midterm FAQ

Algebra 1 Midterm FAQ
1. When and where is the midterm?
The Algebra 1 midterm will be on Tuesday, January 26th. Report to the cafeteria no later than 8:45!
2. What should I bring to the midterm?
You must bring at least TWO pens, your calculator, and your brain. You may bring water and a quiet
snack. You may not bring: cell phones, mp3 players, or other electronics.
3. What should I do with my cell phone/backpack/purse/coat/fanny pack/parka/novelty tote bag?
There will be a coat check outside the cafeteria during exam week. Go there to drop off whatever you
have brought with you. They’ll give you a ticket that you should keep with you so you can get your
4. What does the test look like?
 There are 24 multiple-choice questions followed by seven free response questions. Each multiplechoice question is worth 2 points, and the free response questions are worth 2, 4, or 6 points.
 This test will model the one that you will see in June, the Algebra I (Common Core) Regents Exam.
5. How long do I have to stay?
You must stay for at least an hour and a half. The test ends after three hours, so that is the maximum
amount of time.
6. What do I do when I finish?
 If the minimum time (1.5 hours) is not over yet, check over your work. Plug in multiple-choice
answers into equations. Trace over your free response questions in pen. Answer every question. If
you’re really bored, write something funny or draw a weird picture. It will make grading them more
interesting for us!
 Once the minimum time is done, raise your hand and wait for your teacher to take your test. Do not
get out of your seat until you have been dismissed. This will cause your test to be thrown out.
7. How do I find out where my alternate location is?
Talk to your resource room or ESOL teacher. They will tell you where to go.
8. How much is the midterm worth?
The midterm will be worth 20% of your 2nd marking period grade. This is a significant portion of your
grade, and you should take this seriously.
9. What should I do to review for the test?
Work through the parts of the review sheet as assigned. You should also plan on coming to review
sessions or working with your teacher if you need extra help. As in all things, YOUR GRADE IS
10. Are there any additional review sessions?
The Link Crew is sponsoring a review session (Cocoa and Cram) after school in the cafeteria on January
21st until 6:00pm. I am also available most days before and after school if you want to come in and ask
for some additional help.