Midterm Study Guide

History 146—U.S. History I
Midterm Exam Study Guide
25 Multiple Choice & True/False questions will be drawn from the following topics. Use your
class lecture & presentation notes as you study.
Helpful study tips:
As you study for the midterm, learn the “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?”
for each of the following people, laws, and events. Many students find it helpful to
prepare a definition or explanation of each topic as though they were explaining the
people, law, or event to someone unfamiliar with U.S. history.
You’ll notice that these topics for the midterm are very broad. Use your lecture notes in
order to find as much SPECIFIC information & DETAILS as possible about these people,
laws, and events.
From Lectures:
Characteristics of Mesoamerican Civilizations
Cortes & the fall of the Aztecs
British, Spanish, & French reasons to explore
Characteristics of the colonies of France, Spain, and the Netherlands (Focus on Labor
& Economy, Relations with local Native Americans, & diversity in the area)
5) New England vs. Chesapeake (Focus on religious groups, town structure & politics,
labor & economy, family structure)
6) The Slave Trade (Focus on countries involved, areas of Africa, roots & differences of
African slavery)
7) Sugar and the Caribbean
8) Rice & South Carolina
9) Indentured Servants
10) Georgia
11) Salem Witch Trials (Focus on who was targeted & why)
12) Femme Covert vs. Femme Sole