Algebra 1 Midterm Exam

Algebra 1 Final Exam, Part 1
2015 – 2016
When is the exam?
Monday, Jan 25(3rd)
Tues, Jan 26(4th, 8th)
How long is the exam?
I don’t think any of these
answers will help you prepare,
but if you are comforted by
knowing them, I hope you
will be better able to focus on
the mathematics. Time: 90
minutes. Number of
questions: approximately 35
total. Number of pages:
approximately 20, single
How is the exam graded?
The exam is half of your final
exam grade, or 10% of your
grade for the course. The
exam does not affect your
quarter 2 grade.
How will my hall passes help
my grade?
The more hall passes you
have, the higher % of
missed points you earn
back. In past years, those
percentages have been: 1 –
3 passes = 5%; 4 – 6 passes =
10%, 7 – 8 passes = 15%.
The amounts may be
different this year.
How should I prepare?
The best way to prep is to do
practice questions from the
reviews I give you, past
quizzes and tests and
homework. Bring questions to
class the week before the
What is on the exam?
Solving equations
- one and two step
- variables on both sides
- distribute to eliminate parentheses
Writing equations of lines.
- from a graph
- given slope and y-intercept
- given a slope and a point
- given 2 points
- parallel and perpendicular lines
- ** point-slope form
Drawing lines
- from slope-intercept form(y=mx + b)
- from standard form (ax + by = c)
- one variable
- flipping the inequality sign
- two variable (shaded area)
- ** horizontal and vertical lines
- solving equations by substitution or
- using a graph to solve
- **unusual results
- multiplying
- factoring
Graph a parabola
- from factored form
- from vertex form
**Honors topics