S3 Elective Choices

S3 Elective Choices
The evolution of Disney
• To infinity…and beyond!
• In this elective we will be looking at a range of Disney films –
The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Mulan, The Emperor’s New
Groove and many more! We will be looking at how the films
are made and how characters and storylines have changed
over the years. You will be working on a project of your
choice based on an aspect of Disney films – for example
Heroes, Villains, Princesses, Music, and many more!
• So if you love Disney films, this is the choice for you! Hakuna
Children’s Writing
Do you have a favourite story from when you were little?
What is it about that story that sticks in your mind?
Is it the pictures, the rhyme, the content, the ending of the story that made it a favourite?
Would you enjoy researching what makes a good story for young children?
Would you like to write your own story suitable for young children?
Would you then like to read it to children in a local primary school and experience their reactions
to it?
Could you be the next budding children’s story writer?
You never know, your story may end up being someone’s favourite story 
Greek Mythology
What is Greek Mythology?
• The people of ancient Greece shared stories called myths about the gods, goddesses, and heroes in
which they believed. These exciting stories explained natural phenomena that could not be explained by
science in the ancient world.
Why Should We Study Greek Mythology?
• The Ancient Greek culture has been kept alive by the oral and later written stories handed down
through thousands of years. Modern plays, novels, television programmes, movies and even
advertisements refer to Greek gods, goddesses, heroes and their stories.
• It’s fun - adventurous and exciting stories to delight and entertain us.
What Will You Learn About?
The Ancient Greeks
Stories and Symbols of Greek Gods and Goddesses
Creatures in Greek Mythology
The Underworld and the River Styx
Horror History!
• This class will look at the origins and the way the horror genre
has developed since the time of the silent movie both in
terms of special effects and in the way the content reflects the
particular fears of each generation.
• This horror-fest will look at three decades of work and pupils
will produce their own time-line of developments. Only the
bravest will survive!
• Enjoy getting your point across? Enjoy
researching the pros and cons of an
argument? Then the Debating Elective is for
Scots Language and Song
• Discover the languages of Scotland through
the medium of song! As well as looking at all
the interesting languages that are present in
our country, we will also be looking at music
and doing some group singing!
The History of Film
Films are great, aren’t they? They are a super way to while
away a couple of hours at home, at the cinema or out and
about with our phones. But have films been around forever?
Where did they start? What were they like? How have they
developed over the years?
This course covers the history of film and looks at the
development of media techniques over the years. We will be
watching many clips in order to recognise media techniques
and will do short presentations of films of our own choice.
There may also be time to analyse a classic film in full.
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