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Academic Writing
JUNE 6, 2013
Learning Targets
1. To identify verb mistakes in the
results/discussion section of research paper.
2. To describe the contents of a conclusions
3. To identify the parts in a research paper
conclusions section.
Review – Parts of the Results
All results should have
Some need
Especially if
you are
Review – Parts of the Result
Analyze this results section.
The survey result of the research revealed the fact that most of the
faculty members are using only popular ICT tools like internet,
communication tools like email, mobile phones and productivity
tools, like word, PowerPoint or multimedia tools frequently. The
tools related to more of the content and practices on subject data
are not frequently used by most of the faculty members. Faculty
members from non technical backgrounds do not feel themselves
much competent and confident in using ICT tools. The second part
of the survey revealed the fact that most of the faculty members
have faith in ICT tools that these helps in imparting education in a
better way and teaching learning is not much hampered by
technological barriers and issues related to it like congestion in
network, system crashes or inability to deal with ICT tools. But
they lack the practice, comfort and ease in using ICT tools.
What makes a conclusion different?
 Results
Just the facts
 Discussion
= Claims and opinions based
on the facts
 Conclusions
= Application of research to
a larger setting
Purpose of the Conclusion
 To review the important findings
 To speculate on what your finding mean
 To show the limitations of your study
 To “sell” the importance of your research
 To apply your research to a broader setting
(ex. Government, education, business,
 To give suggestions for further research
What a conclusion is NOT
5 Parts of the Conclusion
1. Review (purpose and most
important findings)
1. Review
 Restate the purpose of the study
 Summarize your most important findings
(state strongly)
The present study offers clear
evidence that “hands-on experience”
is not sufficient for the productive
learning of computer programming
by novices.
2. Speculations
 Why did this happen? (good or bad results)
 Why are these results important?
 Explanations about the findings as a whole
One possible conclusion is that the requirements of the
speed jobs in the light industry under study do not make
physical demands on the older workers
to the limits of their reserve capacity. The
competence and experience of the older
workers in these specific jobs may have
compensated for their reduced stamina.
3. Limitations
 Where CAN’T we apply these findings?
 When will this NOT work?
 How far will these conclusions take us?
Finally, since there was a surprising lack of
consensus among the students in our sample,
it would not be advisable to draw concrete
conclusions from these results.
4. Implications
What can you say generally, based on these results?
How could this affect further research?
How could it affect your discipline?
Do current practices match your results?
We can no longer assume that it is satisfactory to
seek explanations only in economic factors.
These findings lead us to believe that more
difficult materials should be used in order to
give ESL students additional practice in
comprehending English texts.
5. Recommendations
 What do you want people to DO or CHANGE based
on your research?
 Practical applications beyond the lab
 Further research (yours or others)
From our results, we suggest that the
optimal level of indentation for a
computer program is 2-4 spaces.
This should be standardized in word
processing education classes.
Evaluate this conclusion
 The concentrations of heavy metals (as non-point
pollutants) with potential effects on humans and the
environ-ment make them a global issue. The results
of the street dust samples collected from Bushehr
showed that concen-trations Pb was higher than
global values, while the con-centrations for Mn was
lower than global values. The heavy metals were
classified into two main groups accord-ing to their
sources: Pb was associated with heavy traffic, while
Mn was associated with natural sources.
Let’s look at the Peer Review Article
 Week 4, Thursday
 Click on Peer Review
 Read Page 9
 What do you notice?
Break Time
Let’s look at the textbook
 English Solutions
 P. 137
 Strengthening arguments and conclusions
Writing Time