The Iliad Book 2

The Iliad Book 2
Kathy Nguyen, Xitlalic Rios and Jackie
Greek Side
● Agamemnon,
Nestor, Odysseus,
Thersites, Achilles
and Calchas
● Hera and Athena
Trojan Side
● Hector and Priam
● Zeus and Iris
● Zeus offers to help the Trojans. He sends a
dream to Agamemnon.
● In the dream Nestor tells him that he can
defeat the Trojans if he attacks with full force
● The next day he gathers his troops. To test
their loyalty he tells them that they can go
home. To his surprise, they do.
● Odysseus calls them back and inspires them
to keep fighting.
● Nestor tells Agamemnon to organize the
Greeks by city and clan.
● Zeus sends Iris to tell the Trojans about
Agamemnon’s plan.
● Hector orders his troops to meet the Greeks
● Covenant- an agreement.
● Sovereignty- supreme power or authority.
● Chieftain- The leader of a people or clan.
Literary Features
● “ ‘ Shame on you,’ he cried, ‘to stay talking here like children, when you
should fight like men.” (Page 19). This is an example of Repetition in the
book. The characters never want to be seen as cowards through the book.
● “ They were like great flocks of geese, or cranes, or swans on the plain
about the waters of Cayster, that wing their way hither and thither, glorying
in the pride of flight, and crying as they settle till the fen is alive with their
screaming.” (Page 21). This is an example of Imagery. The way this
“picture” is described to the reader, is very useful in understanding this part
of the book.
Meaningful Quote
“ There they lighted their fires at their tents and got dinner,
offering sacrifice every man to one or other of the gods,
and praying each one of them that he might live to come
out of the fight.” pg. 20
This quote signifies the new found confidence that
Odysseus has given the soldiers which shows that they
believe that they are going to defeat the Trojans by
sacrificing to the gods for their blessing.
● Hera - Zeus’ wife, sends
Athena to bring back
the soldiers.
● Athena - Goddess of
wisdom, puts a stop to
the soldiers.
● Zeus - king of the gods,
sends a false dream to
● Iris - messenger for
Zeus, informs Hector of
the approaching army.
In the re-enactment:
● 2-3 people
● Choose what specific scene you want to do
● It has to be improvised