Français IB
C’est le premier octobre!
L’Objectif: to tell where I go in and around the city
Les devoirs: Quiz tomorrow! Study ALLER, places,
and how to use à+le, à l’ and à la. Spelling counts.
Pour commencer :
Bellringer on Schoology. (maybe?) 
 Please have your workbook open to page 30 for
1. Correct homework (just check mine)
2. Access whiteboard / Show me to play Jeopardy!
 Everyone writes!
 Everyone in the group must have the SAME answer as
the person whose popsicle stick is chosen to “airplay.”
 “Host” chooses someone to read the answer aloud.
 Must communicate with the “host” (that’s me) in
Closing Activity = Demandez: Où vas-tu?
If there is time:
Can you access Notability? If so:
1) Make a divider and label it French 1B
2) Create a subject (within French 1B) and call it “Notes”
3) Create another subject (within French 1B) and call it “Worksheets”
4) Create another subject (within French 1B) and call it “Culture Articles”
5) If you cannot access Notability because it has not been “pushed” out to you:
please give me your name and the ID number on the back of your iPad.
Open your “Notes” and name it: VERB: ALLER.
Write the conjugation of the verb ALLER.
Check it against the conjugation you wrote in the inside cover of your
notebook yesterday.
Import Vocab sheet into Notability. Title it “Vocab: town and city” then save it in
**If you have trouble opening the notes because it freezes after you enter your
google email and password: try going through google.cforks.com. Supposedly, that
should link it through the “cloud.”