Academic 2 Day 19 Vocab a veteran a rookie a rookie year a rookie

Academic 2
Vocab a veteran
Day 19
a rookie a rookie year
a rookie mistake
the underdog
Vocab Review
TIC TAC TOE with vocab words. Ss have to use the word correctly in context and in a definition to get a space.
Multiple Number Comparisons Review - Bean Activity
T gives students a number of beans or small objects, one student 2, another student 8, another student 6, etc. Ss,
standing in a circle, spin the bottle and have to say a sentence using a Multiple Number Comparison.
ie: I have half as many beans as Keli.
Double Comparative Review - Complete the Proverb a phrase that gives advice
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
The more (people there are), the merrier (we are).
The more money (you have), the more problems (you have).
The longer you date…
The uglier your dog…
The bigger it is…
The more you laugh…
The more people you marry…
If a group finishes early, tell them to make up more proverbs, using their own beginnings.
Double Comparative Review - The Pig Personality Test
Photocopiable 30 (optional)
Linking Verb Review - write a Love Poem
Have Ss write a love poem by finishing these sentences & the other linking verbs from pg 59
Love looks like…
Love smells like…
Most creative & most romantic
Linking Verb Review - Define an Object
Describe an object to the class using only linking verbs. Class guesses what the object is.