Parts of Speech Review Game

Parts of Speech
Review Game
Set Up
 You
are in a team of 4-5.
 Decide on a team leader and a team
Maybe the “ReVERBerations”
 Your
team will receive 35 index cards.
Setting up the index cards
4 Interjection
4 Nouns
4 Verbs
4 Adjectives
4 Adverbs
4 Conjunctions
4 Prepositions
4 Pronouns
3 Articles
4 Interjections
 An
interjection is added to a sentence to
convey emotion. It is not grammatically
linked to the sentence (meaning you
could take it out and the sentence would
still make sense).
 Examples:
 Ouch, a bee stung me!
 Oh no, I forgot my keys.
 Hey! That’s my imaginary friend!
4 Nouns
noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.
4 Verbs
verb is an action or a state of being.
 Action:
run, jump, sing, etc.
 State of being: is, want, like, etc.
4 Adjectives
 Adjectives
 Red,
are describing words.
sweet, short, magnificent, etc.
4 Adverbs
 Adverbs
describe verbs or other
 She’s
really smart.
 He spoke dramatically.
 Hint:
usually end in –ly.
4 Conjunctions
 Conjunctions
 And,
join words and phrases.
but, after, if, etc.
4 Prepositions
 Prepositions
link words to other words in
the sentence.
 On,
inside, with, etc.
4 Pronouns
 Pronouns
 He,
stand in the place of a noun.
she, etc.
3 Articles
 Words
 The,
that introduce nouns.
a, an
Each round, I will give you a new sentence structure.
Your team will have 30 seconds to assemble a
sentence in that structure using the words on your
index cards. Hold up your cards in order to show the
class your sentence.
Your sentence must be complete and make sense.
If you create a correct sentence, then you will earn a
point. If you do not, or you run out of time, then you
will not earn a point.
If the game results in a tie, we will have a sudden
death match.
You cannot change the words on your cards. You
gotta dance with the one that brung ya!
 Example
 Example
Ms. Kelley loves smart students.
Round 1
 Verb-Pronoun-Article-Adjective-Noun
Round 2
 Article-Adjective-Noun-Verb
Round 3
 Interjection-Pronoun-Verb-Adjective-Noun
Round 4
 Adjective-Noun-Adverb-Verb
Round 5
 Noun-Verb-Noun-Conjunction-Noun
Sudden Death Match!
 Longest
correct sentence using at least
one of every part of speech.
 90 seconds!
Discussion Questions
 Why
is knowing the parts of speech
 How did this game help you review parts
of speech?
 How does varying sentence structures
create more effective writing?
Presentation created by Kat Kelly
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