Oral Communications - Maine East High School

Oral Communications
Instructor: Mrs. Rieger
Maine South High School
Office: PA 103 B
E-mail Address: brieger@maine207.org
Grade Level: 10 – 12
Course Description:
Oral Communication is a required course for all Maine South and Maine West
students. The purpose of this course is to help improve their skills as speakers
and listeners. The students will learn skills for successful interpersonal,
intrapersonal and group communication situations. This is a communication
course, not a public speaking course, and students will be able to utilize what is
learned and apply it in school, at home, at work and with friends.
Course Goals:
1. The student will develop a general knowledge of the process of oral
2. The student will gain poise and self-confidence when communicating with
3. The student will develop appreciation, sensitivity and tolerance in
communicating with others.
4. The student will develop organizational and analytical skills that will enable
him/her to effectively present ideas to an individual or group.
5. The student will understand and utilize the techniques of effective listening.
6. The student will gain skills in researching communication topics.
Major Topics:
1. Speech Preparation
2. Interpersonal Communication
3. Intrapersonal Communication
4. Interview Speech
5. Brown Bag Speech
6. Gripe Speech
7. Personal Experience Speech
8. Demonstration Speech
9. Persuasion Speech (FINAL)
10. Group Dynamics
11. Research
12. Non-Verbal Communication
13. Perception
14. Listening
15. Following Directions
16. Communication Model
Grading Philosophy:
Oral Communications grades are based on individual improvement in
communication skills. Therefore, the majority of the student’s grade is
determined by evaluations of speeches given in class. IN order to pass the
course, students must present five required speeches. Journals are also used
for self-assessment and as a way for students to express ideas and thoughts
and to record new concepts and vocabulary learned each day. Students are
also given participation points for their attitudes and behavior during class.
Grades are based on the following percentages;
Speaking Evaluations- 55%
Written Work – 10%
Journal – 25%
Activities and Participation – 10%
Grading Scale
90%-100% = A
80%- 89% = B
70%- 79% = C
60%- 69% = D
59% or Below = F
Extra credit will be given for attending Maine South or
Maine West theatre performances.
A 1% allowance can be adjusted if a student has shown good work habits and
a good attitude.