English 1 CP - Livingston Public Schools

English 3
Ms. Iacullo &
Ms. Storti
What are the benefits of coteaching..?
Two heads are better than one
Teachers collaborate to share
their expertise and skills
More instructional time on learning because
teachers can divide whole class into smaller parts
Shared student responsibilities
Learning from each other never ends: content
expert and a content/strategy expert
Benefits of Co-teaching for
Instructional time is sustained because students are
not leaving the classroom for “special help”
Support is totally geared toward the class/subject
matter content with the entire class
Students benefit from the teaching style of two
Co-teachers serve as role models to students by
demonstrating healthy adult interaction
 Students
will read a variety of
 Students will develop their writing
 Students will develop their
speaking and listening skills
 Students will develop vocabulary
 “Young
Goodman Brown”Nathaniel Hawthorne
 “Battle Royal”- Ralph Ellison
 “An Occurrence at Owl Creek
Bridge”-Ambrose Bierce
 “Winter Dreams”-F. Scott
What we will be focusing on:
 -text analysis
 -source analysis
 -vocabulary (Word Webs)
How do our time and place influence our
 Are liberty and justice attainable for all? How can
we balance everyone’s rights?
 What makes a good citizen?
 What makes something beautiful? What is beauty?
Student Expectations
Students are expected:
 to put forth their best effort
in this class
 to read the texts and
complete all work on time
 to participate in class
discussions and presentations
 Homework
significantly impacts students’
Livingston School District Policy:
15 percent of each marking period’s grades
and Classwork
 Tests and Quizzes
 Writing
 Presentations and Projects
When: During lunch
Where: Media Center
You are cordially invited to join us
for a Personalized One-on-One Consultation
with any of our expert English teachers!
Ways to communicate with us:
 Co-teaching Web page
(posted assignments and notes)
E-mail addresses :