1984 Part II

1984 Part II
Go back into your Part 1 and
add notes to these pages.
Character List - Add descriptions and new
Rhetorical Strategies - Add examples found in
Part 2
Themes - add evidence or examples of the
Try judging this book by it’s
cover - What have you read
that confirms aspects of the
picture and what do you think
is yet to come?
Discussion Questions - Answer in your notebook
1. What is ironic about Winston’s thoughts
when Julia hands him a note?
2. Why is the singing bird so hard for Winston
to comprehend?
3. How have Winston and Julia reversed
traditional gender roles?
Discussion Questions - Answer in your notebook
4. What elements of foreshadowing appear in
section 4?
5. In section 5, in the paragraph that begins
with “Sometimes he talked to her of the
Records Department and the…”, what is the
effect of the diction? Focus on words like
Discussion Questions - Answer in your notebook
6. Winston interprets O’Brien’s reference to
Syme as a shared act of thoughtcrime. How
is this later found as irony?
7. How is the following statement ironic?
“[The Party] can make you say anything - anything - but they can’t make you
believe it. They can’t get inside you.”
8. According to Goldstein’s book, why is War
Peace? (note that that the belief is that war is designed to increase economic
productivity without adding to material wealth)
Discussion Questions - Answer in your notebook
9. How does the tone in the first half of this
section disguise the second half?
1984 vs Now Can you create 2 more?
1984 : Newspeak
Now : Politically Correct speech
1984 : The red sash of the Junior Anti-Sex League
Now : The red ribbon of the Anti-Aids celibacy league
1984 : Telescreens in every room. The programming runs 24 hours a day, and the proles have no way of turning their screens
Now : Televisions in every room. The programming runs 24 hours a day, and the proles rarely turn their screens off.
1984 : Telescreens in all public and private places, so the populace could be watched to prevent thoughtcrime.
Now : Surveillance cameras in most buildings (operated by businesses), and in some public streets (operated by police) to
prevent crime. Although most of these cameras are operated by private businesses instead of our intrusive government, the
end result is the same.
1984 : Helicopters silently watch over the masses to keep people from committing thoughtcrime, by planting the fear of "always
1984 Inspired Poem by Anthony Hall
That impossible year, which we dreaded is
It also is clear, our children we fear
If we constantly train, seal this truth in our
War games they have learned very well
When Big Brother would rule our existence
Playing hide-n-go-seek, they spy-n-go-speak
And are confident there is no other
All part of the plan, not devised by one man
To Big Brother. Our secrets they tell
Then the Party will bless loyal ones who
But at our own very insistence
Truth and Family, was the reality
A Rebel inside. Our true thoughts we hide
But the Party subordinates the truth
In a box tucked away in the attic
For its own power gain. We fight, but in vain
As intelligence sinks, to a cruel savage brink
As it corrupts and brainwashes our youth
“I trust and I love my Big Brother”
Copyright ©2010 Anthony Hall
Behind veils of the loyal fanatic
We should just give in, for Big Brother will
Policing our mind. We fear what they’ll find
And bring up the veil in great haste
Surely it can’t hurt all that much
But it turns out instead, we’re easily read
Propagandas’ our feed. The Party fills our
Thought-crimes are all over our face