Research Paper

Research Paper
Miss Hurley
Honors English 11
You will now be tasked with completing a research paper focusing on a
topic involved in George Orwell’s novel, 1984.
The topics you may choose from are:
1. The Patriot Act
2. Surveillance
3. Propaganda
4. War as a Government Tool
5. An approved topic of your choice
You will utilize 1984 as a primary source. You will also research your topic
within secondary sources. You must have at least 3 secondary sources.
Your paper must not focus on the research. The research will be
evidence of your own assertions.
Your paper will include:
1. A minimum of 7 paragraphs
2. A supported, arguable thesis statement based on your own assertions
3. At least eight proper MLA citations from primary and secondary sources
4. A works cited page