Green Sheet- PLTW Class Project Lead the Way

Green Sheet- PLTW Class
Project Lead the Way- Gateway to Technology
Instructor: Mrs.Nema
Contact: [email protected]
Preferred Contact: via email
Course Outline: The Project Lead the Way (PLTW)- GTT (Gateway to
Technology) course is essentially designed to introduce students to
current foundations of technology. The overarching goal of this
STEM course is to get students interested in pursuing a career in
technology. This course runs in tandem with the high school PLTW
courses. Students will have access to further technology courses in
high school and may even get college credit for the high school
The main topics to be covered in the 8th grade PLTW course are:
I. Engineering
 Engineering vs. Technology
 Technological System
 Engineering Design Process
 Pictorial Sketching
 Reverse Engineering
 Parametric Modeling
 Prototyping
II. Automation and Robotics
 Manufacturing
 Robotics
 Automation
 Emerging Technology
 Robot C Programming
Course Expectation and Grading Policy: This year this course is
being offered along with the regular 8th grade science class. All
work done here will be graded as regular science assignments.
Points will be given for completeness and effort. Try your best.
Materials (recommended):
 Engineering notebook
 3-subject spiral-bound notebook
 Calculator
 Highlighter
 Glue
Behavior Expectations:
 Respect All
 NO put-downs/bullying in class
 Leave attitude at home
 Talk with teacher about issues outside of class time
 Try your best
NOTE: No work from the PLTW part of my class will be posted
on my Facebook page due to copyright restrictions; only
regular 8th grade science work will be posted.
Welcome and let’s have a fun year ahead!
 8th grade science teacher
 PLTW engineering and robotics teacher
 Science Department Chair
 SJTA Representative