TIME's Person of the Year 1. Choose a prominent world figure from

TIME’s Person of the Year
1. Choose a prominent world figure from the list on the back of this sheet.
2. Find as much information as possible about your particular person, using the Internet,
encyclopedias, or books from the library. Jot down notes, including sources of your
information – page numbers, author, etc. You will have THREE sources. A works cited page
must be turned in with outline (unless it is included on a powerpoint).
3. Create a 3-5 minute presentation about the person you chose, noting what outstanding
feat he/she has accomplished that would enable him or her to grace the cover of a national
magazine like TIME.
4. Ideas to note while doing your research (these ideas need to be included in your speech
in addition to biographical info):
 What contributions to the U.S. or world has this person made?
 Why is this person famous?
 How might the world be different if this person had never been born?
 When did this person live?
 Is this person a good role model? Why or why not?
 Is this person ethical or honorable? Why or why not?
 Why might this person be studied in history books?
 Does this person’s gender or race have anything to do with his or her
accomplishments? What questions might you ask this person if he or she were in a
room with you?
 What lessons can be learned by this person’s accomplishments?
5. You will create a visual aid to enhance your speech. This visual aid can be EITHER a
powerpoint presentation OR an 11x17 poster of a Time Magazine cover bearing the picture
of your subject. On this poster, some elements may be printed, but the work itself must be
original (for example, you may not simply print out an existing Time cover).
6. You must be organized. Information needs to be organized into main points with
supporting details. Well-structured and well-prepared speeches are expected. You will be
graded using the evaluation sheet from other major speeches in this class.
MUST HAVES: Senior project dress, outline, works cited page, and visual aid.
Vladimir Putin
Barack Obama
Jaems Baldwin
Alex Haley
Mother Teresa
Eleanor Roosevelt
Pablo Picasso
Hillary Clinton
Abraham Lincoln
Steven Spielberg
Nelson Mandela
J. K. Rowling
Cesar Chavez
Jesse Jackson
Albert Einstein
Ralph Nader
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Steve Jobs
Jackie Robinson
Louie Armstrong
Sandra Day O’Connor
Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldren
Sally Ride
Thurgood Marshall
Oprah Winfrey
John Lennon
Prince William
Prince Harry
Princess Diana
Jackie Kennedy
Walter P. Chrysler
Mohandas Gandhi
Adolph Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Winston Churchill
Harry S. Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Douglas MacArthur
Norman Schwarzkopf
Elizabeth II
Bill Gates
Condoleezza Rice
Donald Trump
John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King Jr.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard M. Nixon
Jimmy Carter
George H. W. Bush
Mikhail Gorbachev
Ted Turner
Bill Clinton
Pope John Paul II
George W. Bush
Rudolph Giuliani
Malala Yousafzai
Charles Lindbergh
Pope Francis
Barbara Walters
Walter Peyton
Billy Graham
John D. Rockefeller
Martin Luther
Mark Zuckerberg
Angelina Jolie
Matt Damon
Tim Tebow
Bill Cosby
Michael Jordan
Venus & Serena Williams
Billy Jean King
Pete Rose
Jerry Rice
Harper Lee
Eudora Welty
Richard Wright
Fredrick Douglass
Jim Henson
Medgar Evers
Rosa Parks
Dr. Hannah Gay
Al Gorew