P6 Template


P6 Template

• Select a Product, target market and objectives

• Create a marketing mix for your product

• Explaining your decisions. PEEA

( Point Explain Example Analyse)

• Hand in by End lesson


• http://marketingteacher.com/lessonstore/lesson-pricing.html

• U:\Business Studies\Students\BTEC Level 3

Sept 2010 onwards\Unit 3 Introduction to

Marketing\Assignment 4

P6 and M3 can be done together

Task 1 Develop a proposal for a coherent marketing mix for a product or service targeted to a defined group of potential customers

• The product or service does not have to be entirely new; it could be an established product or service introduced to a new market.

• The marketing mix should include at least the 4 Ps, product; price; place; promotion

• This provides evidence for P6

• The marketing mix must be clearly targeted to a defined group of potential customers and needs to be detailed and coherent so that product, price, place and promotion are all designed to appeal to the clearly defined needs and aspirations of the target group of customers

• This provides evidence for M3

Choice of product, Target market and