Engineering Research Project

Name: _____________________ Type of Engineer: _______________________
Middle School Gifted Seminar
Engineering Project
You will be researching one type of engineering from the attached list and sharing your
findings with the class in the form of a Google Drive Presentation (7 slides). Remember to
share your completed Google Drive presentation with me. Title it as follows: Your Name.
Engineering Type. (Example: Mrs. Orihuel Packaging Engineering)
Project must include:
Slide 1: Engineering Type and Your Name.
Slide 2: At least 3 sentences describing what you, a family member, or friend thinks that the engineer
that you chose for the project does for a living. Your description must include what they do and what
they create.
Slide 3: A thorough definition of your branch of engineering. Definition must be in your own words.
Slide 4: Description of 3 tasks someone who has this job does.
Slide 5: Investigate 1 project being done in the field. Describe the project and how it will benefit
Slide 6: Identify where your engineer may work, and an average salary.
Slide 7: Real job opening in the field.
Use the resource below (and any others you wish) to complete your research:
Branches of Engineering
Bioenvironmental Engineering: Bioenvironmental engineers solve human-related
environmental issues by employing the principles of engineering and biotechnology
along with the physical, chemical and biological sciences.
Biomedical Engineering: By converging engineering, design, and human health,
biomedical engineers develop the devices and equipment that improve the quality of
life for millions of people.
Civil & Environmental: Civil and environmental engineers contribute to the
development of a more sustainable infrastructure and environment.
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Electrical and computer engineering is a
rapidly developing field spanning communications, information processing, and microand nano-electronics.
Industrial & Systems Engineering: Industrial and systems engineering focuses on
the design, installation, and integration of people, materials, equipment, and energy in
an expansive range of industries.
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering: Driving industry through the design,
production and manufacture of mechanical systems, mechanical engineering is the
most broad-based, extending its reach into a wide range of industries.
Packaging Engineering: Packaging engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that
focuses on designing and creating boxes, cartons, bottles, and other packing materials
that meet specific criteria.
Google Drive Presentation Layout
Slide 1. Engineering Branch & Your Name
Slide 2. Pre-Research Job Description
Slide 3. Thorough Job Description
Slide 4. Describe 3 Tasks Engineer Does
Google Drive Presentation Layout
Slide 5. Identify Current Project in the Field
Slide 6. Settings Where Engineer Works & Salary
Slide 7. Actual Job Posting
Slide 8. Optional/Miscellaneous
Engineering Project & Presentation Grade
Presentation was completed by due date
Presentation has 7 slides
Defined branch of engineering
Description of 3 job tasks
Identified & Described Current Project
Identified Settings & Salary
Actual Job Posting
Overall Appearance
Presentation to Class
Final Grade
Teacher Comments: