SAT Critical Reading Workshop

Critical Reading Workshop
• Sentence completions: 19 (1/3rd rule)
• Short reading questions: 8
• Long reading questions: 40
Sentence Completion Approach
1. Cover the answers (don’t be tempted by a
word that sounds right)
2. Find clues.
3. Find trigger words.
4. Plug in your own word(s) or connotations
5. POE
Fred took biology not because it was fun but
because it was ___________
(B) exciting
(C) free
(E) interesting
Words that hint at the blank
Words that indicate whether
the blank will agree or disagree
with the clue
-Many times the clue will be
the perfect word for the blank.
1. I really like you, and
2. I really like you, but
-Look at transition words and
-Not every sentence has a
Two blanks = Twice as easy
1. Cover the answers
2. Figure out which blank is easier to figure our
a word for.
3. Fill in a word (look for clues and triggers) for
that blank.
4. Eliminate the entire answer choice for
answers that don’t match.
5. Do the same for the other blank.
Tragically, the independent stores of America’s
downtowns are so ________ by he loss of
customers to huge suburban shopping centers
that they may __________ in a few short years.
(B) imperiled…vanish
(C) troubled...consume
(E) isolated…expire
Relationship between blanks
• When the clue itself has been blanked out,
identify the relationship
– same/agree
– opposite/disagree
6. Norton is a seemingly ________ critic; he
writes a __________ of every play he sees.
(B) unintelligent...masterful
(C) exuberant…negative
(E) merciful…combative
Short & Long Reading Questions
1. Number the questions by Level 1, 2, or 3.
2. Read blurb. Paraphrase quickly.
3. Get the gist (1st ¶, 1st sentence of following ¶s,
and last ¶)
4. Go to Level 1 questions.
5. Read question carefully. Search the passage &
write down the answer. Match with answer
6. Move on to Level 2, then to Level 3.
Level of questions
• Level 1: Specific
– Line reference: line 20, Read 15-20
– Vocabulary in context (treat these like sentence completions)
– Lead word: just like line reference w/o the line ref. Scan & look
for the word
• Level 2: General
– Tone
– Main idea
– Attitude
• Level 3: Time suckers
– All of the following EXCEPT
– Roman numberals