Andrew Jackson: American Hero or Villain?

Andrew Jackson: American Hero or Villain?
Actions that made
him “Good/Hero”
Andrew Jackson was
a war hero.
The Battle of New
Your evidence with
Winning the Battle of
New Orleans in a
massacre of British
troops made him an
instant national hero.
Word of his total
command of the
situation was
legendary. He even
used local pirates to
support New
"Jackson, Andrew."
World Book Student.
World Book, 2013.
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Andrew Jackson
helped out a lot
throughout the
Battle of New
Orleans, he stood by
the militia’s side until
the battle of over.
Actions that made
him Bad/Villain
Andrew Jackson
made the
Nullification act.
He had a complete
disregard for law.
Andrew Jackson
postponed the civil
war for 30 years.
The reason why he
postponed the civil
war for 30 years was
because his firmness
prevented South
Carolina from
dissolving the union
Your evidence with
The act that Andrew
Jackson made
“Nullification Act”
was made to stop
South Carolina from
departing from the
union, it was their
choice yet Andrew
Jackson made the
Nullification Act by
force. South Carolina
wanted the
Nullification act
though Andrew
Jackson passed it.
Andrew Jackson
actually liked slavery.
The day that the
Supreme Court said
that Georgia had no
place to banish the
Cherokee Indians
from their land he
had refused to even
listen to what they
had to say.
Andrew Jackson saw
nothing wrong with
slavery he even
disregarded the
during the
Nullification crisis.
Andrew Jackson
made a commitment.
www.triviia – library
Andrew Jackson had Panic of 1837
a bold commitment
enforced laws and
fought back secession
threats from the
south. Andrew didn’t
back down in any war
and not to mention
he was in mostly all
the wars.
Andrew Jackson
caused the Panic of
1837 because he
made thing go to the
upper class men and
he also tried to use a
vetoes on the Bank,
which created he
Panic of 1837.
He had a war against
the U.S bank and he
took down the
Since people were
abusing their wealth,
thinking that they
were god since they
were rich. Andrew
Jackson took them
down in the war of
the U.S Bank.
Andrew Jackson was
cruel to the Native
Andrew Jackson was
the one to begin the
trail of tears. He
mistreated the
Native Americans
even though he
talked to them he
treated them badly
and he took
thousands of Indians
away from their