RSM Swim Club Minutes 3-26-2015
Call to order 7:38pm
6 members in attendance. George Astin, Jessyca Emelson, Richard Faigle, Tucker Farrar, Neila Hansel,
and Faye Mettler
President is not a voting member, need 5 for quorum
Vote on January and February minutes – passed unanimously.
Vote via email -
A motion to make available the adult membership to families who have immediate
members serving active duty. Motion by Sean Armstrong, second by Jessyca Emelson. Motion
passed unanimously.
A motion to move forward on the storage area and/or bench area behind the snack
shack/coaches’ office. Motion made by Jessyca Emelson, second by Jen Farrar. Motion passed
3. Motion to purchase a second guard for up to$100. Motion made by Tucker Farrar and
second by Neila Hansel. Passed Unanimously.
President/ General – George Astin
I am bringing a two drawer filing cabinet to swap with the four door.
I am of the opinion that we scrap the: board games, ping pong table (it’s in really bad shape).
Gretchen is donating a new foosball table so we could toss the old one as well. If it is still
functioning, I can throw it in my garage sale in April with a FREE sign on it.
Sign letters will be ready in a week.
Email on Open House going out.
Maintenance – Richard Faigle
60 people each clean up day in February and March. Need to come up with additional jobs for new
members. Brainstormed options.
Adjusting time of watering to meet Contra Costa Water District recommendations.
Need to explore the condition of grass and watering system and come up with an improvement plan.
Treasurer – Laura Decker presented by George Astin
Profit and Loss shared.
Membership – Jessyca Emelson
13 new families, 4 not returning. Still 3 or 4 more inquiries.
Cleaned out the storage room (the old men's bathroom). A couple of things.
First, the sink drips, so no one should put anything in the sink. I have to go back to scrub out the
Second, are we planning on getting a smaller filing cabinet? If so, I think it would fit where the
urinal is.
Third, if we move the filing cabinet, we can put shelves up and store all the electronics on a
Next, I found some old board games which I placed in the main office. I am not too sure if we
want to keep them but take a look and we can all make a decision.
Finally, does anyone use the yellow bucket and mop? If it is for cleaning, we need to bleach it
out. It smelled stale or a little bit like mildew. If it is for bigger jobs, would it be easier buying a
swifter for smaller/day to day jobs? I brought my swifter today and did not bring enough
cleaning pads. The floor was really dirty. Purchasing a Swiffer for easier clean up.
Lastly, we need to remind parents that if kids are using the ping pong table at clinics, it is their
responsibility to return all paddles, balls and nets to the office. I found all the paddles out this
morning and (4) balls rolling around.
I placed a bunch of opening day flyers in the office for anyone looking to hand those out. Plus I
taped a couple to the window to inform people.
Propose to allow a couple with a child age 2 or younger to join under the adult membership option.
Motion made by Tucker Farrar, second by Jessyca Emelson.
Motion passed unanimously.
Social – Carol Berger as shared by George Astin
Events to be put up on website. Jessyca will coordinate with Carol.
Lifeguard – Tucker Farrar
New lifeguard chair will be placed at the far deep end for spring/fall guarding and busy summer days
when we have 2 guards on duty. We have the chair picked out, needs to be ordered.
We held a guard training last Sunday. We had 14 guards present and spent 2 hours doing in water
rescue scenarios, skills practice, and review of new guard and pool policies, etc.
Thursday is going to be the major bathroom clean up each week in addition to daily cleaning.
Discussed addressing the problem of poop in the pool with lifeguards and prevention efforts such as
watching children in that age range more closely.
Team – Neila Hansel
Graphic for swim team changing.
Exploring new promotion banners for next year, is club interested in joining in to add club promotion on
the same banner? Want to have more made for more areas.
Want to form a subcommittee on how to work on the landscaping area on the hill in order to develop a
design plan, project scope, and cost. Not a priority for the club but will support the project led by swim
Meeting adjourned 8:35pm